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Drakengard Returns With New Sequel

Square Enix is dipping back into one of their more popular catalog titles to deliver a new sequel. No, we’re not going to receive yet another pointless Final Fantasy title as the shocking announcement is that of a new Drakengard title for the PlayStation 3.

NIER [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

NIER is far from being a perfect or traditional JRPG game with its untraditional story and action focused gameplay. But it’s the unconventional aspects of the game that makes NIER so damn good. With good production values and gameplay that isn’t just standard hacking and slashing, NIER is a game that everyone should check out no matter what perceptions they have about it.

The Pros: 

The story is really deep and is filled with emotion that isn’t just sappy JRPG writing. Voice actors like Liam O’Brien really inject an incredible amount of personality into the game. Controlling Nier and using the power of Grimoire Weiss during combat is fun and has a nice level of depth. The music is so damn good that you may just want to leave the control idle so you can listen to it.

The Cons: 

Side missions are a bit boring. At times the camera can be a slight hassle. Generally the graphics aren’t bad but there are a few rough edges and textures that may make you go “yeesh.” A few of the missions can drag on a bit too long and feel like nothing more than grinding. Rating : 

With most RPG games, particularly those that come out of Japan, there seems to be pre-conceived notions on what to expect.  One can’t particularly fault those who expect andronoyous heroes, spiky hair or a quest involving saving a kingdom when they hear of a new RPG.  For a long period of time the genre has mostly remained the same and is almost bordering on becoming stagnant.  Aside from a few old standbys such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest the JRPG genre has remarkably remained the same for better or worse.

PlayStation Network Store Update: 5/11/10

Playstation Network Store updates for the week of May 11:

Downloadable Games

  • World Of Outlaw Sprint Cars ($19.99)
  • Harvest Moon: Hero Of Leaf Valley PSP ($29.99)
  • Worms: Battle Islands PSP ($12.99)

Game Demos

  • Split/Second
  • ModNation Racers PSP

Add-on Game Content

New NIER trailer is filled with "mature dialogue"

Every piece of news or media concerning NIER continues to both shock and impress me.  After a weak debut at E3 2009, NIER has turned into a surprise of sorts with its unique story and deep gameplay.  And by deep I mean deep since players can customize all their attacks and which buttons they’re assigned to. That’s something I think most of us didn’t expect from what was thought to be a standard hack-and-slash game.

The world of NIER is being transported to comic books

Somehow Square Enix’s upcoming Action-RGP NIER just became more amazing today. SE has announced that they’re partnering with DC Comic’s Wildstorm label to release a series of NIER comic books. There will be three books total, all of which will expand the NIER universe and answer questions that are unanswered in the game.

New trailers for NIER Gestalt and NIER Replicant

For the past few weeks we haven’t had a shortage of media for NIER but it has been awhile since we’ve seen the other NIER game, NIER Replicant, in action.  Yes, there are two NIER games coming out both of which are quite similar as they feature white haired heroes trying to save loved ones.

Aside from both featuring similar storylines both Nier Replicant (which is exclusive to Japan) and the Western bound NIER Gestalt feature character crossovers which should make the Nier universe more intricate for gamers, well at least for Japanese gamers.

Witness the magic attacks of NIER in this new trailer

For the past year I’ve been paying close attention to NIER, the upcoming Action-RPG from Square-Enix and Cavia Inc.  Usually I tend not to go with RPG style games but due to NIER’s hack-and-slash nature I found myself drawn to the game. But it wasn’t only NIER’s violence and gore that appealed to me but the storyline as well which keeps getting crazier with each trailer that’s released.

Amongst the violence and bloodshed NIER offers some relaxing activities

We know that Square Enix’s upcoming Action-RPG game NIER will be heavy on the violence and drama. But when you’re not slicing beasts in the heroes’ quest to save his daughter you can take a break and relax by fishing or planting some flowers. Yup, NIER definitely has a soft side to him.

Square Enix announces the North American release date for NIER

If you’ve been aching an action-rpg experience that’s different from what’s normally released then you won’t have to wait much longer as Square Enix has announced that their new IP NIER is set for an April 27th release.

Nier's ESRB description makes it sound like an otaku's dream game

The upcoming Square Enix RPG Nier from developer Cavia seems to be on everyone’s radar for perhaps the wrong reasons.  When the game debut at E3 2009 it was met with a lukewarm reaction that despite the applaude for SE for doing something slightly different, left many a bit unimpressed by what was shown.

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