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An Official and Unofficial Update On Prince of Persia (New IP News)

Today some good and bad news has surfaced concerning the fate of the Prince of Persia franchise. Last seen in the rather disappointing quasi movie tie-in that was Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, Ubisoft has revealed that the time altering acrobatic Prince we know and love is being put into early retirement.

Square Enix World Technology Director Drops Minor Updates On Agni's Philosophy and FF versus XIII

The Western branch of Square Enix has surprisingly done well this generation thanks to the likes of Avalanche Games (Just Cause), established properties such as Tomb Raider, and acquiring titles such as Sleeping Dogs. Sadly the same can’t be said of the core team at Square Enix Japan since development troubles and misguided projects have plagued the once mighty developer.  

Team Bondi "Returns", First Look At Whore of the Orient

Looked upon as one of the great blunders/surprises of 2011, the closure of Team Bondi was something no one could really foresee. A success at retail, L.A. Noire may have taken an ungodly long amount of time to complete but it seemed like all the time and bundles of cash sunk into it was worth it. Well as we know the video game industry can be a strange beast as Team Bondi was shuttered and subsequently sold mere months after L.A. Noire reached retail.

Dead Island Developer Reveals New Melee Based Fantasy Project

It would been easy for developer Techland to rest on their laurels seeing as how their open-world zombie game Dead Island was a commercial and critical hit, but the studio is trying something different with their next project.  While not abandoning the Dead Island franchise, Techland is nonetheless pursuing other opportunities which include a fantasy based first-person action game. Yes, it may be time for some hack & slash action in a grim fantasy medieval backdrop.

Harmonix Seeking Talent For New IP With A Slight Twist

The studio that helped to define and bring light to the music/rhythm genre may be making a creative leap once the next generation of consoles finally arrives. Harmonix, the studio behind the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises, appears to be shaking things up as the studio is currently working on an IP that may not just involve gamers becoming rock stars but instead actually feature some traditional gameplay of a combat oriented nature.

New Batch Of Star Wars 1313 Concept Art Show A "Gritty" Alien Setting

After putting us in a lull for the past three years LucasArts certainly got our hearts pumping with the reveal of Star Wars 1313. While it may have been yet another Star Wars based video game, it was nice to see LucasArts take a different direction with the franchise that thankfully wasn’t based around the Clone Wars or potentially leave the door open for more established lore to be bastardized through inept writing.

Rare Could Be Going Back To Form On The Next-Gen Xbox

There have been quite a few injustices done in the video game industry, but one that still has gamers in complete scorn mode is how Microsoft has handled Rare. The prolific studio behind games such as GoldenEye and Conker’s Bad Fur Day, the purchase of Rare by Microsoft didn’t seem all that bad when it happened in 2002.  The $375 million sum Microsoft spent on acquiring Rare was certainly one to balk at, but the prospect of Microsoft tapping into the talent Rare possessed seemed like it would’ve been a dream scenario.

Former Infinity Ward Staffer Opens New Studio

People in the video game industry come and go between developers, but every now and then someone will go off and attempt something new by opening their own business.  We haven’t seen too many figures within the industry leave their old trappings to start anew, but once recent chap who did was Robert Bowling.

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