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New Line Cinema

New Line Cinema Is Prepping Film Version Of The Arcade Classic Rampage

Making films based on video games still seems to be a popular thing to do these days but what’s even more popular is adapting classic retro games into films.  We may still be a few years away from seeing Pac-Man be turned into a major motion picture, but with studios planning film adaptations of video games like Asteroids (that’s not a joke) I guess we can expect way more classic games to make the celluloid jump, the latest of which is Rampage.

It's Official: Mortal Kombat: Legacy Is Hitting The Big Screen

Our prayers as video game fans and film lovers have been answered as Warner Brothers have greenlit a new theatrical Mortal Kombat film under its New Line Cinema banner.  Helming Mortal Kombat’s cinematic return after a fourteen year absence will be none other than Kevin Tancharoen, the man who gave us the Mortal Kombat: Rebirth short film and the amazing nine-episode saga that was Mortal Kombat: Legacy.

King of Kong Remake Could Be Going The Mockumentary Route

At this point I think we’re all familiar with the documentary The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.  Most of us have either heard about the 2007 documentary that chronicled the battle to become the Donkey Kong champ or we’ve watched the film countless times.

An Acclaimed Writer Is Chosen To Pen The Heavy Rain Film

About a year or so ago we got a small update concerning Heavy Rain that involved New Line Cinema picking up the option to create a live action feature film based on the hit PS3 game.  This news of course drew the immediate ire of the video game community since movies based on video games tend to usually be garbage.  The plot of Heavy Rain would make a perfect film and the game itself is easily one of the most cinematic if not THE most cinematic based game to be released this generation.

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