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Activision Outlines Their New Plans (True Crime canned, new CoD service)

I think Activision has hit a new time low today while still maybe recognizing that they should improve things but at the same time looking like a completely soulless corporation.  Announced during their financial report, Activision has decided to cease development on the 2011 version of Guitar Hero along with revealing that they don’t plan to release a new iteration in the Tony Hawk Skateboarding franchise. In addition to Guitar Hero getting the axed, DJ Hero has also been given the pink slip and so have the developers behind it.

Western Video Games That Once Roam The Console Frontier

With the release of Rockstar's highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption, the sequel to Red Dead Revolver, this Tuesday, we here at Shogun Gamer decided to give a brief retrospective on some of the Western games that has been released throughout gaming history on various consoles.

The Oregon Trail: The Oregon Trail is widely considered the grandfather of Western themed games. Originally created in 1971 by 3 college students and later released on floppy disk for computer systems such as the Apple II,

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