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Mortal Kombat Won't Be Coming To Australia + Exciting New Gameplay Details

Last time I checked it wasn’t 1995 yet here we are and the latest Mortal Kombat game has been refused certification by the Australian Classification Board.

New Mortal Kombat Game Modes Possibily Revealed

Some actual new details about Mortal Kombat have finally come forth and once again it appears that the game is totally going 100% old-school.  Not only do we have a new MK game that features fighting on the 2D plane, classic characters and nice visuals, but the legendary MK mini-game Test Your Might is returning as well. 

It's A Straight Up Old-School Fight In This New Mortal Kombat Video

Yesterday was Fatality Friday and that of course meant that yet another Mortal Kombat video was bestowed upon us.  Once again the latest MK video is centered around Liu Kang, but in addition to seeing the Shaolin master do more of his thing; we also see the moves of the deadly crime boss Kano. In a match-up that seems like it was ripped out of the first Mortal Kombat game, Liu and Kano go at it in the ways we most associate with the MK series: bloody and extremely over-the-top.

Want To See Liu Kang Beat More Fools Up? Then Check Out This New Mortal Kombat Video

If there’s one thing that should be clear to us all, it’s that you don’t mess with a Shaolin Monk.  While they can give you some good wisdom about life, they also know how to kick your ass.  Take for example Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat; he may seem like a normal guy who just so happens to have gorgeous locks of hair and a body that’s kept in tip top shape, but he can also beat the living crap out of anyone, whether they be a Hollywood movie star or a ninja turned cyborg.

Mortal Kombat Gives The Fans What They Want: Noob Saibot

With each video that we’ve gotten for the new Mortal Kombat game the anticipation of gamers has raised tenfold.    The combat looks to be there in every regard (it helps that it’s on the 2D plane too), the moves look good, visually the game is at times gorgeous and developer NetherRealm Studios has so far given us everything we want from the character front, including Noob Saibot.

Jade's Klassic Costume For Mortal Kombat Is Revealed

One of the many things the new Mortal Kombat game seems to be focused on is giving the fans what they want.  Fans wanted MK to return to its roots with a 2D combat system and such a thing was offered.  Of course MK fans want the new Mortal Kombat game to be a complete old-school throwback, complete with MK1/MK2 era costumes, which NetherRealm Studios is happy to provide.

Liu Kang Returns For Mortal Kombat [Video]

After waiting for it to be official and having to go off of mere rumors, Earth realm’s Champion for Mortal Kombat is indeed coming back as Liu Kang has finally been revealed in the new Mortal Kombat game.  There was never a question as to whether Liu wouldn’t be in the game, but it was just an issue of when we would see our favorite bicycle kicking martial artist pop up in the game.

New Mortal Kombat Characters, Levels and Features Possibly Unveiled [RUMOR]

For the past few months Mortal Kombat developer NetherRealm Studios has remained very tight lipped about certain aspects of the game.  We know a good amount of the combatants that will be in the ninth entry of Mortal Kombat, but the size of the character roster and how many other characters will be joining it still remains a mystery.  The questions concerning the character roster isn’t the only thing people are thinking about as many are wondering what sort of bonus modes or additional features the latest MK game will offer.  With Mortal

Mad Catz Teases New Mortal Kombat Arcade Stick

In a mere two months and a half months we’re going to receive a new entry in the Mortal Kombat franchise. At times the release of a new MK game would elicit groans from gamers as the series had a few ups and downs in the past which resulted in games that at times were merely meh.  But now NetherRealm Studios has gone back to the old-school MK to provide an experience that’s straight up fun and bloody.

Another Combatant Is Revealed For Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kmbat developer NetherRealm Studios has slowly been revealing the roster for the new Mortal Kombat game.  There have been some expected reveals like Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Johnny Cage, but some surprise ones as well like Nightwolf, Sindel and the God of War himself Kratos.  The complete roster for Mortal Kombat hasn’t been revealed yet, but we can add one more name to the list: everyone’s favorite SWAT team member Stryker is joining the overly bloody action of Mortal Kombat.

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