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NetherRealm Studios

Imjustice: Gods Among Us Preview [E3 2012]

After a brief lull for a couple of years fighting games are back in full force and now we’re finally at the point where we’re receiving games that solely aren’t part of the Street Fighter and Tekken brands.  The fighting genre may not be on a complete wave of receiving original IPs just yet, but games like SkullGirls certainly signify that such a thing is on the way.  Even better, established companies and developers are opting to take a risk by producing games that no one would’ve ever expect, a perfect example is the DC Comics based action of Injustice: Gods Among Us.

NetherRealm Studios (Mortal Kombat) Reveal Injustice: Gods Among Us, A New DC Comics Based Brawler

Marvel may be beating DC in a lot of areas recently as most comic book fans and general geeks will say that stuff like The Avengers and even how Marvel is handling their comic books is leagues better than what DC has done. Now I’m not trying to ignite a mass fanboy war of some kind, but there will always be those who dig what Marvel does and in some ways it’s obvious that DC is lagging behind in some form.  Whatever may have transpired in the past DC may be on the way to beating Marvel when it comes to one specific area: providing a good fighting video game.

An Epic Statue Is Being Made Based On A Famous Mortal Kombat Character

Mortal Kombat fans are in for a special treat as one of the more iconic boss characters is being given the high-end statue treatment.  Syco Collectibles, the current firm doing all the MK statues, has revealed the first prototype images of their Motaro statue, which I assume will end up being mighty imposing given the character is a freaking Centaur with a skull necklace.

Mortal Kombat Vita Hands-On [GDC 2012]

There are some games that are timeless no matter how many years go by or even what platform they’re on.  As long as the core essence of the game is capture then it really doesn’t matter if we’re playing it on a different console or even on the go thanks to a portable gaming system.

Mortal Kombat Vita Footage Is Impressive, Fast, and Bloody

At last we finally have our first crop of media for Mortal Kombat’s debut on the PlayStation Vita. Formally announced last month, MK’s debut on the Vita may not be coming in the form of an all new adventure, but the promise of 60 fps gameplay, all the DLC characters being unlocked from the get-go, and simply having Mortal Kombat action on the go results in an enticing product for quite a few gamers.  

Mortal Kombat Vita Game Details Finally Emerge

We may have been teased for almost a year, but earlier this week WB Interactive and NetherRealm Studios finally unveiled Mortal Kombat for the PlayStation Vita.  While it was nice to get an official confirmation that MK was bound for Sony’s new portable gaming device, the lack of game details and any kind of media somewhat made the announcement a null point.  We all know the basics of MK and what to expect from the series but not having answers to questions such as how NetherRealm was going to take advantage of the Vita did take away from the initial luster of the reveal.

Mortal Kombat Vita Is Finally Announced, Sort Of At Least

After months or rumors, denials, leaks, and teases, WB Interactive and NetherRealm Studios have finally announced Mortal Kombat for the PlayStation Vita.  Long rumored since last year when MK developer NetherRealm Studios revealed they were in possession of early Vita dev kits, the action of MK is indeed coming to this Vita this Spring.  

The 2nd Tease Of Ed Boon/NetherRealm Studios Is Finally Revealed

I have a small update for everyone out there that plays video game bingo. Seeing as how we often have half a dozen possibly major rumors or blatant teases concerning major studios I’m sure a few folks out there partake in video game bingo with their pals or simply create drinking games to pass the time. Anyway I digress so let me get to my topic: Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon has revealed the second tease concerning NetherRealm Studios and it’s kind of what we expected.

NetherRealm Studios Is Taking A Break From Mortal Kombat (Don't Panic)

Now that the dust has settled on the initial hoopla and disgust that accompanies the Spike Video Game Awards, some interesting tidbits have surfaced that were revealed during the event. We all know the basic stuff, a dozen or so games were revealed via trailer form most of which honestly looked good. But something very interesting was teased or at least confirmed during the event that relates to everyone’s favorite blood filled fighting franchise: Mortal Kombat.

NetherRealm Studios (Mortal Kombat) Is Making A Batman Game

As promised, the teases made by Ed Boon a few weeks ago are finally coming to fruition albeit in a somewhat unexpected fashion. As some of you may remember, Ed Boon took to his Twitter account just before Thanksgiving to tease three big announcements NetherRealm had in the works.  One of those announcements has somewhat left the bag already, a MK based game for the PlayStation Vita, and now another one has been released.

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