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NBA Elite 11

EA Puts NBA Live 13 On The Bench (It Got Delayed)

For the second year in a row EA has missed its initial opportunity to launch a NBA game.  If you recall, last year saw the downright dismal situation that was NBA Elite 11.  After rebranding the franchise and going with completely analog based controls, NBA Elite 11 suffered a terrible setback when the reception from the pre-release demo was overwhelmingly negative. The reaction from gamers and the buggy nature of the game resulted in EA cancelling NBA Elite 11 at the last minute despite copies having already been pressed and sent to certain retail outlets.

PS3/360 version of NBA Jam could include Wii features, possibly more

Every storm cloud eventually clears out and results in sunny skies that can be enjoyed by all.  I’m sure a few people (maybe 10) are bummed out that NBA Elite 11 isn’t being released tomorrow but hey, at least NBA Jam is getting a proper release.  As it was revealed last week, the HD version of NBA Jam will have a proper separate release instead of being bundled with NBA Elite 11, a move that was initially beyond silly.

NBA 2K11 looks to give gamers the ultimate NBA experience [Preview]

With the recent news of EA delaying NBA Elite 11, which was to be a reboot of the series, basketball gamers may be looking at what possible options are available to them.  Well there are only three options really: 1. Wait for NBA Elite 11 and hope that EA fixes the issues 2. Go out on a limb and buy NBA Jam, which is far from a sim basketball experience or 3. Try out NBA 2K11, a game which just so happens to include this little known player named Michael Jordan.  I think with the void of NBA Elite 11, a lot of gamers are going to go with option 3, and rightfully so.

EA announces NBA Elite 11 delay and an update on NBA Jam for the PS3/360

When EA announced that the PS3/360 version of NBA Jam would be exclusively bundled with NBA Elite 11, gamers collectivly yelled “WTF!” followed by a deep sigh.  From a business perspective, EA's decision made sense in an almost twisted and slightly cheap way. But as a whole, gamers didn’t want to plunk down $60 for a game that was tailored made for a release through digital distribution.  Now it seems like EA has recognized their error based on today’s news.

PlayStation Network Store Updates: 9/21/10 [NA]

PlayStation Network Store updates for the week of: 9/21/10 (A day late)

The hardcourt is ignited in NBA Jam [Video/Screens]

Despite the drama involving NBA Jam appearing on the PS3/360, I’m still excited for it.  Yeah, having to pick up NBA Elite 11 in order to play NBA Jam this year is a bit of a downer, but the prospect of being able to perform a flaming slam dunk or playing an arcade basketball game with a buddy makes the rage within me subside a bit.

NBA Jam for the Wii will be shipping without a major feature

When EA announced that they were reviving NBA Jam I think everyone immediately sprung forth from whatever they were doing and performed a flaming slam dunk. Even with the game destined on the Wii, well at least originally, the excitement level for the game was high as hell and justifiably so based on what I played at E3.

Boomshakalaka! NBA Jam to be bundled with NBA Elite 11

After being rumored and then eventually ousted by video game rating boards, NBA Jam is officially 100% coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360.  The catch is that EA’s arcade basketball game will be bundled with the upcoming NBA Elite 11.

NBA pros talk about the controls of NBA Elite 11 [Video]

The basketball video game battle between EA Sports and 2K Sports has been extremely interesting and in some cases a bit tough to call. Despite both being sim basketball games, EA and 2K have offered different interpretations of the hardwood classic sport and each game has a very loyal fanbase. However this year is going to be a fierce basketball battle with 2K’s acquisition of Michael Jordan and EA’s complete revamp of their NBA games.

EA Sports revamps their NBA franchise

EA Sports have announced that the NBA Live franchise is getting a new name and a host of new gameplay features.  Now titled NBA Elite 11, the game will ditch the tech featured in the previous games in an effort to breathe some new life into the NBA franchise.

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