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Naughty Dog

Sony and Darkhorse Announce The Last of Us: American Dreams

Comic books based on video games still seem to be a thing, at least as good marketing tools, as another Sony property is going the comic route.  Following in the steps of Infamous and Uncharted, Sony has announced that their forthcoming survival thriller The Last of Us will receive a new comic book series.

Screens Surface Of A Cancelled Crash Team Racing Follow-Up

Yet another game can be added to the already crowded halls of unreleased games as we have our first look at a proposed Crash Team Racing sequel.  Back in the early days of the PS1 generation Crash Bandicoot became an unofficial spokesman for Sony’s new gaming console and in turn gained legions of fans. Besides the amusing PS1 commercials featuring Crash it helped that the actual games featuring the titular character were fun to play which only added to the popularity of Crash.

Uncharted Film Starts From Scratch Yet Again

Just the other day I was thinking about what was the status of the Uncharted movie. I know that wondering about such a thing may seem trivial in a sense or I would be better off thinking about video game movies starring Michael Fassbender, but nonetheless I wondered where the Uncharted film stood in the giant machine that is Hollywood film development.

Naughty Dog Shows Us The Infected In The Last of Us In A Unique Way

It shocked all of us back in December for good reason as Naughty Dog has done something different by deciding to launch a new franchise now instead of waiting for the next-gen PlayStation. Uncharted is basically video game royalty at this point but the prospect of receiving something as good if not better in the form of The Last of Us puts Naughty Dog in the unique territory to once and for all prove their dominance and talent as a developer.

First Details and Trailer For The Jak & Daxter Collection

After rumors swirled for months Sony officially announced that the Jak & Daxter Collection was indeed coming to the PlayStation 3 and now we finally have a trailer for it.  Announced on the PlayStation Blog, the Jak & Daxter Collection will be arriving on the PlayStation 3 in February, just like a half dozen other epic games slated for early 2012.

Jak & Daxter Collection Inbound For PS3

Gamers who enjoyed Naughty Dog’s pre-Uncharted era offerings should be pleased to hear that Sony is releasing a Jak & Daxter Collection for the PlayStation 3.  For the past few months we’ve heard rumblings that the long but certainly not forgotten Jak & Daxter would be receiving the HD treatment and now we have confirmation of such a thing.

Sony Reveals A Plethora Of New Uncharted Tie-In Products (Awesome News For Toy Collectors)

As if the San Diego Comic couldn’t become an even bigger show for video game news and general goodness, Sony has revealed several major Uncharted related products that will debut at the show this week. Aside from Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception being playable on the showfloor and an Uncharted panel with key talent from the game happening on Friday, Sony will be debuting several cool new Uncharted products with an array of partners ranging from collectible manufacturers and comic book companies.

The Uncharted Film Could Finally Be Back On Track

The great search for a new director to helm the live-action Uncharted film is already over, a bit sooner than I expected, and Sony Pictures has found a man whose vision of Uncharted is supposedly what they were looking for.  Taking over on Uncharted’s cinematic debut is director Neil Burger.  A great many of you out there may not know Neil’s name unless you’re a complete movie buff, but his last film was the drama “Limitless” starring Bradley Cooper.

Uncharted 3 Is Getting A Collector's Edition + New Co-Op Mode Video

Uncharted 3 is shaping up to be a complete blockbuster experience for a few major reasons. Obviously the biggest thing UC3 has going for it is that it’s the sequel to one of the most adored games to hit this generation and it also helps that the game is just fine as hell to look at.  Developer Naughty Dog may not have made a massive leap in the visuals department compared to UC1 and UC2, but Uncharted 3 still looks nice but isn’t simple eye candy.

Our Prayers Have Been Answered: David O. Russell No Longer Writing/Directing The Uncharted Film

The Uncharted franchise is one that’s quickly approaching the iconic stage after the success of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and the impending release of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. But there was one possible potential stumble for the Uncharted series with the production of the live-action adaptation in the works at Sony Pictures. Uncharted has all the makings to be a potential mega-hit film franchise, but after acclaimed director/writer David O. Russell (Three Kings, The Fighter) came aboard, things took a turn for the worst.

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