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Namco Bandai

The man behind Katamari Damacy leaves Namco Bandai

The man who brought us the colorful and always happy world of Katamari Damacy has left Namco Bandai.  Game designer Keita Takahashi has officially left Namco Bandai, and based on his comments his departure isn’t exactly a happy one.

First peek at Tekken X Street Fighter

During their Street Fighter x Tekken presentation at Gamescom, Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada and Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono made a special reveal concerning Tekken x Street Fighter.  Leading up to Gamescom there were rumblings that the Namco Bandai installment of the fighting game crossover would be revealed but with the internet being the tricky place that it is, there was some doubt cast on if we would actually see anything.

New Street Fighter X Tekken screens show more ass kicking

If the SDCC reveal left you wanting more then perhaps this new batch of Street Fighter X Tekken screens will satisfy your hunger. Once again the screens feature Ryu and Chun-Li as they lay a can of whup-ass upon Nina Williams and Kazuya Mishima.  It would’ve been nice if the screens featured a new character or location but with Gamescom happening next week, maybe we’ll be lucky to get such a thing. In fact, Tekken X Street Fighter is supposed to make its debut, that’s barring if the Press Release/Media Invite screwed things up.

Clash of the Titans: The Video Game [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Clash of the Titans: The Video Game is an epic waste of time to play. Those who enjoyed the movie are likely to be burned by a game that is extremely dull and fails to capture the Greek mythology essence. Even those looking for a mindless action game are sure to be disappointed by a combat engine that feels like it belongs in a PS1 game.

The Pros: 

There’s laughter to be had by some of the bad voice acting and production values. Smashing skeletons to pieces is mildly entertaining for the first twenty minutes.

The Cons: 

Visually unimpressive in almost every way, especially the lifeless cutscenes. The combat lacks a spark and doesn’t offer much we haven’t seen before. Most of the missions and levels are extremely boring. Rating : 

Being an avid gamer, I like to support as many games as I can, whether they’re big budget AAA titles or lesser known IPs/indie games. Sometimes my openness to support a game, not necessarily hyping it up to others, can backfire on me in such an ugly way that I can’t help but feel like an ass.  One such game that my anticipation of has completely punched me in the gut is the game adaptation of the recent Clash of the Titans remake. 

Namco Bandai releases new action packed Enslaved trailer [Gamescom 2010]

So far the reactions for Namco Bandai’s action/adventure game Enslaved: Journey to the West have been a bit mixed.  Only being the 2nd game from developer Ninja Theory, Enslaved kind of has some unwarranted hate going for it. Sure, the game doesn’t seem to be doing anything radically different but it does look like a polished game.

Ace Combat Assault Horizon's official site is now live

Even though it was merely Monday, a day in which most news is of next to no importance, Namco Bandai decided to announce a brand new installment of the Ace Combat series.  Titled Ace Combat Assault Horizon, the eighth installment in the series (only the 2nd to appear on a HD console) is being dubbed a “rebirth” for the series due to its more action centric approach.

Namco Bandai announces Ace Combat Assault Horizon

For those flight sim enthusiasts, especially those who are PS3 owners, then there’s no reason to feel burned anymore as a new Ace Combat game is finally coming to the PS3. Titled Ace Combat Assault Horizon, the game will not only feature aerial dogfights featuring fighter jets but battles involving helicopters as well. So yeah, Assault Horizon isn’t your typical Ace Combat game and that’s clear by the action packed trailer.

Tekken X Street Fighter to be revealed at....

After dropping the megaton that was Street Fighter X Tekken at the San Diego Comic Con, there’s more Street Fighter/Tekken goodness coming to us soon.   With the reveal that we wouldn’t get anymore Street Fighter X Tekken news until next year, some wondered when we would see Tekken X Street Fighter in action.  Many pegged the Tokyo Game Show as the place Tekken X Street Fighter would make its debut but thankfully we’ll see the game sooner than that.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 demo now available [PSA]

The anime goodness that is Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is now available for all to enjoy as the Japanese demo is now up on the PSN. Naruto fans have no doubt been anticipating the release of the demo after it was teased a few weeks ago but now everyone can get their hands on what could be the best anime video game ever made.

Capcom announces Street Fighter X Tekken

The unthinkable has finally happened and worlds have collided in a mash-up that many folks have been asking for.  After it was rumored earlier this week, the wildly popular Street Fighter and Tekken franchises are indeed crossing over in two dual release games.  Announced today at the San Diego Comic Con, Street Fighter X Tekken (best name ever) will have the fighters of Street Fighter and Tekken facing off against one another.

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