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Namco Bandai

Dark Souls, The Demon's Souls follow-up, Sounds Hardcore And Epic

I try to play as many games as I can but sometimes I just don’t have enough time to play everything. That obviously means that sometimes a few awesome games slip through my fingers, one of which was Demon’s Souls.  I’m not a huge RPG gamer but the hardcore nature of Demon’s Souls and the sheer premise of fighting monsters in classic dungeons or castles did seem really appealing to me. While I may not have time to play Demon’s Souls now, I should be able to make time for Dark Souls, the spiritual successor to Demon’s Soul.

Pay attention Gundam fans, new trailer for Gundam The Battle 3D released

In Japan it’s almost a tradition to release a Gundam game with a new hardware launch and Namco Bandai is keeping the tradition alive with Gundam The 3D Battle for the Nintendo 3DS.  Set to be a launch window game in Japan, Gundam The Battle 3D (odd title) will be a somewhat simple mobile suit battle game as players simply traverse land or space and engage in 1 vs.

New Tekken Tag Tournament 2 screens are a visual knock-out + Yoshimitsu's new design rocks

Slowly but ever so steadily we’ve gotten more info and media for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The fact that we’re getting another tag based entry in the Tekken series is rather surprising as the original Tekken Tag was a PS2 launch game – which you know was back in the day when some of you were only a four year-old gamer.

Get ready for more trash related video game content: Pac-Man reality show in the works

I like to think that I try to stay open minded on things. Sometimes I can come across as either jaded or entirely broken down, but for the most part unless something looks like absolute crap from the get-go I like to hold out for the best.

Anime fan geekgasm alert: Super Robot Wars Z 2 premier trailer

In case anime fans weren’t already depressed over the release of the anime mash-up that was ACE: R, Namco Bandai has just announced a new installment of the Super Robot Wars franchise. Much like ACE, Super Robot Wars combines a multitude of different mechs from a plethora of anime series ranging from Gundam, Macross and Eureka Seven and pits them in combat.

The newest combatant in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is revealed

Last month Tekken Project Lead Katsuhiro Harada gave us a Christmas present in the form of a new Tekken Tag Tournament 2 trailer.  Aside from showing how damn good the combat looks, the trailer featured two notable things: a young version of Heihachi Mishima and an unnamed female wrestler.  Gamers assumed that Heihachi found the Fountain of Youth or some other sort of fantastical Tekken juju for such a thing to happen, but the mysterious female wrassler was th

New Tekken Tag Tournament 2 trailer shows revised footage and stellar combos

Today is Christmas and even if you don’t celebrate the Holiday most folks use the day to relax and generally not do any work at all. But here I am, sitting in my brand spanking new pajamas as I write this since we have some new goodness for Tekken Tag Tournament 2.  We already got a cool reveal trailer for Tekken Tag 2 when it was announced in September, but now thanks to the Holidays we have a new trailer showing the next-gen installment of Tekken’s tag fighting endeavors.

New Knights Contract screens show more gothic inspired monsters

With the success of Enslaved, more on that later this week in my review, maybe Knights Contract (also from Namco Bandai) will prove to be a success. After all, both games feature unlikely heroes stuck with women who hold the key to their life/eventual salvation.  Both games also share a similarity of taking the often hated escort mission mechanic and making it the crux of the game, though not in an entirely annoying way.

New Splatterhouse screens show blood & violence + soundtrack news

Some out there may have forgotten about the Splatterhouse HD reboot but I haven’t forgotten and thankfully Namco Bandai haven’t bailed on the project and forget about it.  Even though the game has been rocked by a few delays, it was once supposed to come out early 2009, the reboot of the Splatterhouse franchise is scheduled for a November 23rd release. I know it would’ve been nice for it to come out this month to coincide with Halloween, but who says you can’t enjoy a bloody and uber violent horror game around Thanksgiving?

Time Crisis: Razing Storm amps up the action in these new videos

I have good news my gaming brethren: there’s a brand spanking new Time Crisis game coming out in two weeks.

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