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Namco Bandai

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Shows How To Beat People Up In These New Screens

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has been making the rounds lately with a series of cool videos, screens and details – all of which has provided some nice insight on the project.  Tekken Tag 2 may still seem like one of those games in which nothing major is being added, but there are a bevy of new improvements and additions like combo tag moves and the return of character based customizable costumes/accessories.  One other thing about Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is that the game looks rather pretty, as exemplified by these new screens.

The Topsy-Turvy Action of Inversion Returns, Still Looks A Bit Meh

I’m all for developers and publishers trying to launch new IPs even if they’re not groundbreaking games that will be looked at as video game equivalent of The Matrix in how it changes or revolutionizes the industry.  But looking at Inversion from Namco Bandai and developer Saber Interactive, I honestly don’t know what to think at all since on one hand the game looks extremely derivative to the point of complete boredom, but on the other hand the chief gimmick of the game could be worth wild if it’s explored and executed properly.

Galaga Legions DX Is Announced And Teased In This New Video

Galaga is a pretty simple game, you move left or right as you try to dodge enemy fire all whilst trying to take out never ending swarms of enemy ships.  For over twenty-five years Galaga has had that same gameplay mechanic but a few years ago Namco revitalized the series with Galaga Legions for XBLA.  Keeping the same core Galaga formula, Galaga Legions stood out mostly because the game was now akin to a modern day shmup, complete with advanced attacks, new enemy types and some dazzling 3D visuals.

Dragon Ball Returns To The Nintendo DS In Ultimate Butoden

We’re never in short supply when it comes to games based on the Dragon Ball franchise.  The thing is that often we don’t get the good games, whether it was back in the day for the Gameboy or now with the new Dragon Ball arcade game or the recently released Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butoden for the Nintendo DS.  Unless you’re a hardcore DB fan that follows everything DB related (and has a pair of DB pajamas) then you may not have known a single thing about Ultimate Butoden and I woul

Dynasty Warriors Gundam Comes Knocking To The West Later This Year

Fans of epic mech based brawlers should be relatively happy to hear that Namco Bandai will indeed be bringing Gundam Musou 3 to North America later this ear.  The news that we’re getting further mech action this year isn’t that surprising since Namco Bandai did bring the previous two Gundam Musou games (which were given the moniker Dynasty Warriors Gundam) to the West shortly after their release in Japan.

It's Go, Go Power Rangers Time! Power Rangers Samurai Video Game Gets a Publisher/Developer

Today isn’t exactly the best of days for Namco Bandai.  On one hand the company has revealed Ridge Racer Unbounded, which appears to be an ill-fated Western reboot of the RR franchise. But on the flipside there’s Ace Combat: Assault Horizon that to me honestly looks good.  Things may be in a 50/50 state of “bad crap and awesome stuff”, but Namco Bandai has just revealed something else that could give them some much needed bonus points in the good stuff department:  new Power Rangers games are coming soon.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Offers Maximum Steel Carnage

Last year Namco Bandai announced a new Ace Combat game for both the PS3 and Xbox 360, which was met with a small amount of applause and elation.  Ace Combat is one of those franchises that has been kicking around for a long time but has never quite become a multi-million unit seller or gained an immense casual following in North America.

Namco Bandai Reveal New Ridge Racer Game And It Won't Be A Fan Pleaser

There are some things I hold close to my heart as a gamer and one of those things is the Ridge Racer franchise.  The Ridge Racer franchise may have first started during the early days of the PS1, but the franchise has never quite blown up, partly because Namco doesn’t flood the market with yearly installments. Instead, it has become a tradition of sorts to release a new Ridge Racer game when a new piece of hardware is released. We got a new Ridge Racer when the Xbox 360 and PS3 came out and now the Nintendo 3DS is being given the same treatment with Ridge Racer 3D.

More Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Screens Have Been Bestowed Upon Us

Tekken Director/Producer Katsuhiro Harada has been keeping himself busy on Twitter as of late.  After releasing a brand spanking new Tekken Tag Tournament 2 trailer in December as a Christmas present, Harada has now released some new screens from the 2nd installment of Tekken’s tag based exploits.

Dark Souls Premier Trailer + Screens

Today Namco Bandai has announced their partnership with developer FromSoftware to release the soon-to-be hardcore action-RPG Dark Souls in both North America and Europe.  The spiritual successor to the mega surprise game Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls takes a lot of the same principles found in Demon’s Souls but adds a new layer of depth thanks to a wealth of new enhancements and improvements, most of which will please fans of Demon’s Souls.

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