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Namco Bandai

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Video Is Long But Cool

The Ace Combat series has gotten a major makeover for its latest installment, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. Just like other Japanese developers, the Ace team at Namco Bandai is revamping the AC franchise with a more modern and almost wholly Western centric approach, likely in the hopes of becoming the Modern Warfare equivalent in the aerial combat genre.

Game Republic (Genji, Folklore) Is Officially Closed + A Folklore 2 Tidbit

It’s not too often that we hear of a Japanese developer closing up shop but apparently such a thing has happened recently.

Inversion - Single-Player Hands-On [E3 2011]

This generation has spawned an entire genre of 3rd person action games that try to be overly gritty and happen to feature a cover mechanic.

New Evangelion Game Is Being Developed By....

Just like its fellow mech based counterpart Gundam, the Evangelion franchise has received a lot of video games – most of which tend to be garbage.  Despite being in the hands of Japanese developers who probably have an astute understanding of the anime or are full blown fans, it just seems to be difficult to create a video game involving mechs that is fun.  Not a lot of Evangelion games have been released in Japan over the years compared to Gundam (Gundam is the Japanese equivalent of Star Wars in terms of popularity) but a new Evangelion game is being released later this year and

A Good Update On Tekken: Blood Vengance, The New CG Tekken Film

Last week was such a crazy week for me with E3 going on and all that I totally missed out on one cool announcement. But looking at things I don’t think I was the only one who missed out on this news considering that a bazillion things were going on at E3 and most of us were either bitching about Kinect (at least the sensible ones), applauding how damn cool the PlayStation Vita is or merely wondering what sort of mind frame Nintendo is in right now.

Tekken Wii U Is All About Humiliation [E3 2011]

Almost a week later and I’m still trying to wrap my head around Nintendo’s E3 press conference and the newly announced Wii U.  Name aside (its dumb part 2), I’m still trying to gauge if the Wii U has potential or if it’s literally going to be a Wii HD with another gimmick tacked on.  I’m not making my final judgment on the Wii U just yet since we haven’t seen a single full-on game in action just yet, but I’m not sure if tapping a screen to throw ninja stars is something I’ll immediately want to experience.

A New Gundam Game Is Coming Out That May Actually Be Good

With the impact of E3 2011 slowly beginning to fade, we now have our first major post-E3 reveal at the hands of Level-5 and Namco Bandai.  A good majority of Japanese publishers may have been totally missing in action at E3 as far as their spirit was concerned, but developers such as Namco Bandai haven’t completely given up due to the ever growing might of the West.  Announced today is the one-two combo of not only a new RPG from acclaimed developer Level-5 (Professor Layton, Dark Cloud) but a new Gundam property.

Ridge Racer Unbounded Trailer Finally Hits The Streets But Is It Any Good?

Sometimes I find myself lost for words when it comes to discussing a video game, either for good or bad reasons.  Maybe I’m getting too caught up in things and like any sort of grieving process I merely need to accept things for what they are and move on.  I definitely feel that’s what I need to do with Ridge Racer Unbounded but at the same time I may finally be closer to getting to grips with the game and accepting it for what it is.

Soul Calibur V Is Official And We Have A Teaser Trailer

The fighting game resurgence continues with Namco Bandai officially revealing Soul Calibur V.  After getting a teaser site a few weeks ago and official word from the Director that work was well underway with the fifth iteration of the series, we all knew that another Soul Calibur game was coming but now we have good reason to get excited over the prospect of more weapons based combat.

Namco Bandai Comes To Their Senses, Announces A CG Tekken Movie

After a lot of missteps and money wasted down the drain, most video game companies finally realize what people want out of a video game movie: a pure CG film.  Seeing a CG adaptation of a video game movie may be akin to watching a non-playable version of the game, but it does offer a level of quality that often isn’t matched in the many live-action counterparts that are released over the years.

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