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Namco Bandai

Gundam Unicorn Premier Trailer Is A Downer

With today being Friday it’s usually expected for one to be generally elated since the work week is coming to a close. It doesn’t matter if you like to kick back and party, play games, go to a kinky club, or just check out a movie at your local cinema, Fridays are usually good days. My Friday was going along good, despite a mini-snowstorm happening in Chicago, and the day has been rather easy going.  However, my day has come to a screeching halt upon watching the premier trailer for Gundam Unicorn, the latest Gundam game to hit the PS3.

Namco Bandai Japan Takes Easy Route To Market Soul Calibur V

The world of advertising can be a wonderful place filled with exciting things that do a terrific job at showing the product it hand.  Advertising and general video game marketing can also be completely boneheaded and in some cases extremely sexist as per this Japanese ad for Soul Calibur V.  

Tetris Axis [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Quite easily the worst port of the classic puzzle epic ever made. The 3D features of the game make no sense for a 2D puzzle game, and can hinder the over-all experience. The ARG features seem like they are nothing more than a technical demonstration of the 3DS hardware, and are pretty much unplayable. 

The Pros: 

+It's Tetris

The Cons: 

-The ARG implimentation is annoying at best and destructive at worst.

-3D doesn't really add anything.

-The game ignores the analog stick Rating : 

In the grand debate on which is the greatest video game of all time, I've always put forward Tetris. It is gaming in its purist form, and better than that it's become modular. Tetris has adapted and evolved over the years to reinvent itself for each new generation, taking advantage of the hardware provided and supplying the same addictive qualities that it had since the start. It is puzzle-gaming at its finest and most pure... That's why Tetris Axis is potentially the most disappointing game that I've played this year.

Do We Finally Have A Decent Gundam Game? [Video]

For some reason, perhaps in an effort to balance out the awesome quotient, most video games released based on the Gundam franchise are garbage.

Sony Offers Up Some Major Updates On The PlayStation Vita (Launch Games, New Titles, Battery Life)

Since TGS is kicking off this week Sony decided to have a little shindig before the event officially starts to announce a few very important details about the PlayStation Vita.  Sony may have already dropped the megaton bomb of how much the Vita would cost internationally at E3 this year, but other prime details like battery life, launch titles and 3rd party support were said to be revealed at a later date – which as it turns out was Sony’s TGS 2011 conference.  With gamers having a lot of hype for the Vita given the sudden downturn of the Nintendo 3DS (what the hell is up with th

Prepare For Lots Of Smashing And Uncharacteristic Racing In This Ridge Racer Unbounded Video

I’ve previously voiced my thoughts on how Ridge Racer Unbounded didn’t immediately please me as a longtime Ridge Racer fan but could still be an okay arcade racing game.  Even more I actually began to anticipate Ridge Racer Unbounded after learning that the game would include a City Creator Mode in which gamers would be able to create the landscapes that they race around.  Maybe I’m just having a bad day, but I’ve now jumped off the Ridge Racer Unbounded bandwagon based on how one note the game looks in a gameplay video taken from Gamescom.

Tekken Is Hitting The 3DS In A Major Way With Tekken 3D Prime Edition

Namco Bandai may have been out of action when it came to providing some fighting goodness for Nintendo platforms but that’s finally changing now. Besides Tekken appearing on Nintendo’s new Wii U console, Tekken will also be hitting the 3DS with Tekken 3D Prime Edition, which is the official title of the game as of this moment.  Since all things 3D are still the rage these days, Tekken’s debut on the 3DS will provide some 3D action to the fighting experience so be ready for lots of obvious punches towards the screen in any cutscenes or fighter intros.

Ridge Racer Unbounded Is Jumping Aboard The User-Generated Content Bandwagon

To the fanbase that has been with the franchise for the better part of a decade Ridge Racer Unbounded isn’t a “proper” Ridge Racer game.  If Namco Bandai decided to change up the style of the game a bit and add a few minor gameplay additions I think gamers wouldn’t be fussing that much.

Two More Characters Are Revealed For Street Fighter X Tekken

The hype around Street Fighter X Tekken has been incredibly high and justifiably so since we’re getting a dream match-up that is hardly seen in gaming.  For year’s gamers had wondered what it would be like to see the characters of Street Fighter and Tekken square off against one another and now we’re finally getting such a thing in Street Fighter X Tekken and it looks amazing.

Anime Art Styles + Tekken + Provocative Poses = Possibily Awesome Tekken Statues

Tekken may be one of the most popular and well known video game franchises in the world, but for some reason its multi-media reach just hasn’t quite been what it could be.  It’s only just now after nearly sixteen years that we’re possibly getting a good Tekken movie with the forthcoming release of Tekken: Blood Vengeance and we’re also finally getting proper Tekken figures/statues as well.

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