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Namco Bandai

ShiftyLook Announces New Dig Dug Comic Series

Sometimes hugely unexpected projects can surface which immediately leave us scratching our heads.  Honestly, at what point did you ever think we would see the board game Battleship adapted into a big Summer blockbuster movie starring actors who are known for playing a Jedi Knight and a sometimes good/sometimes bad vampire?  Crazier media adaptations may have happened in the past, but when it comes to video games fans can be extremely touchy as to what may happen to their beloved properties.

New Star Trek Trailer Has A Ton Of Intense Phaser Pew-Pewing

We could be on the cusp of something special in the video game industry: a game based on a movie franchise may not be total trash.  I know that such a statement may indeed be shocking to hear, but based on this latest trailer for Star Trek: The Video Game I think Trekkies and video game fans alike may have just cause to be excited.

Namco Bandai Announces Two New Properties That Are Receiving The Comic Treatment

The world of video games is an ever changing and growing industry and that’s clearly evident by a new venture started by Namco Bandai.  The home of Pac-Man, Katamari Damacy, and the Soul Calibur franchise is branching out by not creating animes or movies but rather web comics based on some of their properties.  

Namco Announces Dragon Ball Z Kinect. Has Kinect Star Wars Been Beaten In The Silly Department?

Announcements such as this make me happy to be both a game and a purported game journo as who would’ve ever expected a Dragon Ball Z game to appear on the Kinect?  No, this isn’t a joke as Namco Bandai has officially announced that the classic manga/anime will appear in yet another video game entry that this time takes advantage of Microsoft’s snazzy Kinect motion device.

Namco Registers Pac-Man Smash, Let The Guessing Game Begin

We already know that Namco has some big plans for Pac-Man as the company has already successfully sold their original CG Pac-Man cartoon for a 2013 airing.  Besides the Pac-Man cartoon, which could either be amazing or dreadful, we have the first clue as to what Namco could be doing on the video game side of the Pac-Man franchise.

Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost Trailer Makes Me Shed Manly Gundam Tears

I don’t know why I keep doing this, but at some point I should probably stop watching videos for Gundam games that are likely never going to be released outside of Japan.  Maybe I’m just addicted to the notion of receiving a Gundam game that kicks ass and is fun, but watching a video and then feeling a wave of sadness overwhelm me at the end is something that I’m sure isn’t healthy by any means.

The Extensive Level Editor Of Ridge Racer Unbounded Is Shown Off [Video]

Ridge Racer Unbounded has gotten a lot of heat so far since it’s what many consider to be a death of a once great franchise. It may not be totally fair for people to think the Ridge Racer series is dead with the imminent release of Unbounded, but the shift from stylish racing focused on drifting to a game where the main draw is to drive through walls does seem a bit odd and like more of an evolutionary leap than a video game series should take.

CG Pac-Man Cartoon Gets Greenlit, Headed To Disney

Pac-Man may not be so popular these days that he has songs written about him or has his own brand of cereal, but the iconic video game character is going to receive a brand new cartoon.  Today Disney announced that they picked up Pac-Man: The Adventure Begins, a new CG Pac-Man cartoon that takes the character on a series of adventures with new characters – all of whom have a slightly creepy appearance.

Star Trek: The Game Officially Gets Bumped To 2013 + Publishing Partner Announced

One of the nice surprises prior to E3 last year was the reveal of a new game based on Star Trek. Now such an endeavor wasn’t based on the Star Trek your parents or grandparents may be familiar with but instead was set to take place within the same “sexy” and “fresh” world that the 2009 J.J. Abrams directed Star Trek reboot took place in.  As a fan of Star Trek in general and as someone that enjoyed the reboot film, despite whatever issues it may have had, the news of a Star Trek video game was certainly something to get excited about.

Capcom Slightly Trolls Us With New Street Fighter X Tekken Roster Additions

Fighting games aren’t exactly my forte, or at least fighting games that are devoid of color-coded ninjas and an abundance of over-the-top violence.  Casey White is Shogun Gamer’s fighting game master but I felt a bit compelled to do a quick snippet on the latest reveal for Street Fighter X Tekken.  Now I’ve somewhat followed SF X Tekken since it was first announced but I haven’t been looking forward to it as much as the still to be revealed Tekken x Street Fighter, which I think could be amazing if everything comes together.

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