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What if? Episode 2

The backlogs of gaming history are filled with mystery, intrigue and doubt. Like in all pop culture, there always seems to be alternatives to the reality presented. While many gamers can live their lives with what’s in front of them, I’m about to ask the question, What if?

TL;DR - Mar 1 - Noobz, Stan Lee, Capcom/Sega/Namco

Friday is closing in friends, a couple more hours and we’ll be in the last leg of the work-week before freedom is finally provided! In today’s TL;DR I cover a the release of the trailer for the Noobz film, the announcement that Stan Lee is a playable character in Amazing Spider-man, and the latest information in the continuing saga of the Sega/Capcom/Namco project for the 3DS.

Namco Preps Yet Another Gundam Game

At this point it’s well documented that certain video games based on the Gundam franchise tend to be crap. Essentially, no matter who is behind it, games based on Gundam tend to be the Japanese equivalent of gamers receiving a crappy Spider-Man or Superman game. Despite all the material being there and the premise of the property almost designing itself in the gameplay department, the Gundam video game offerings have been incredibly mixed.  Thankfully we’re at the point in which that could change thanks to developer From Software.

Ridge Racer: Unbounded Given Release Date (At Least We Still Have RR For Vita)

In lieu of Namco announcing a traditional Ridge Racer game for the PlayStation Vita some gamers out there may have forgotten about Ridge Racer: Unbounded.  The Western centric Ridge Racer spin-off/reboot being handled by Finnish developer Bugbear Entertainment is still in development and today Namco revealed when gamers can opt to drive down a user-created city and crash cars or merely stick to traditional drift racing via the PlayStation Vita.

New Splatterhouse screens and videos have lots of blood and a baby fetus monster

Splatterhouse is a game I desperately want to enjoy but I still don’t know what the end result will be.  The game has everything I like such as copious amounts of blood and gore, but when I played it at E3 things weren’t looking that good. Perhaps the roughness of the E3 demo can be attributed to an early build since things do look a lot better in these new gameplay videos released for Gamescom.

RUMOR OF THE DECADE: Capcom vs. Namco/Namco vs. Capcom

This is one of those cases where an amazing rumor has popped up and if it doesn’t pan out there’s going to be an angry mob that descends upon the rumor source. Generally Game Informer has always been on the mark, but I hope for their sake that this rumor is true or at least is announced later this year if not this week.  So let’s get to the rumor: reportedly Capcom and Namco Bandai are teaming up for a fighting game crossover in the form of Capcom vs. Namco.

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