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Fast & Furious: Showdown Officially Announced By Activision

Remember that one time when a new Fast & Furious game was seemingly outed by an EB Games Australia online listing? Well since then, and the listing page being mysteriously removed, Activision has officially announced the game and yes, it’s coming out in less than a month.

New Fast & Furious Game Set To Arrive Soon

Our dreams may finally be close to becoming a reality since a game based upon the Fast & Furious franchise is seemingly upon us.  Starting out as a mere street based racing film way back in 2001, the Fast & Furious franchise has gone on to become one of the premier action film franchises due to stories and scenes that are so dumb and insane that it’s hard not to find them appealing.  Now the ever chiseled visage of Vin Diesel may be appearing in a new Fast & Furious game from none other than Activision. Yup, good old Acti is at it once again.

Another Hollywood Figure Bails Out Of The Games Industry

Yet another endeavor in the video game space by a prominent figure from Hollywood has resulted in nothing, thus showing once again that not everyone is suited to work in the world of video games.  Keen followers of the video game industry may remember a while back ago prominent Hollywood film producer Jerry Bruckheimer announced that he was venturing into the video game arena.

Avalanche Studios Teases First In-Game Image Of Mad Max Video Game [Rumor]

This year is poised to deliver some amazing debuts through the arrival of the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft. We may be privy to getting a small taste of what’s to come through Sony’s press conference next week, which will likely unveil the new PlayStation, but developers are finally beginning to drop some megabomb teases on us.

Pacific Rim To Receive Video Game Treatment

Deep inside us I think we all desire to see a good game based upon a film like Man of Steel or Iron Man 3, and thankfully one upcoming film which has the geek world buzzing is actually receiving the video game treatment.

If you saw the Pacific Rim trailer and thought “wow, that would be a kick-ass video game” then your wish has been granted as such a thing is in the works.  Announced today by Legendary Pictures, Pacific Rim will be adapted into a series of video games for both the consoles and PC. 

First "Screens" Of Rambo: The Video Game

Right now gamers can channel their inner 1980s action hero by experiencing The Expendables 2: Videogame, which to put it bluntly is a complete waste of money.  I won’t delve too deeply into what’s wrong with the video game adaptation of The Expendables 2, but suffice to say that it hasn’t exactly hit the chords gamers wanted it to achieve. Hope isn’t entirely lost though as we could have the ultimate dumb 1980s inspired action experience via another Sly Stallone vehicle – Rambo.

Activision Announces They're Doing A Men In Black Video Game

I don’t know who asked for either of these things, but Activision has announced that they’re prepping a video game based on Men in Black to coincide with the release of Men in Black 3, which of course is in 3D.  The third entry in the Men in Black series comes almost entirely unwanted by film goers who were less than thrilled with the second entry which simply told the same jokes and lacked any semblance of real character.

Rambo Is Entering The World Of Video Games Once Again

Actions films done in the classic “blow stuff up and keep the dialogue to a minimum” style are all but a rare beast, last seen prominently in the 1980s.  I don’t know what it was about the 1980s that made Hollywood go from action thrillers to films featuring hulking actors who in turn demolished anything in their sight but it was a rather awesome period for cinema. There are some action films from the 1980's that don’t hold up too well but a few such as Predator and Commando hold up extremely well beyond being good sources for a nostalgic trip.

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