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Mortal Kombat

New Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season 2 Trailer Surfaces

If there’s one live-action video game project that has people excited, and for good reason, it has to be Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season 2. After proving that Mortal Kombat can still be relevant in the world of cinema, it’s almost time for the second season to kick off and thankfully we have a new teaser trailer to get us even more excited.

Debut Trailer For Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season 2

At long last we have our first look at Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season 2 and as expected the sophomore season of the series looks incredibly badass. With only a scant few behind-the-scenes images wetting our appetites over the past two months, we have a full-on trailer that not only shows us each combatant within the new season, but what sort of bloody action they’ll participate in as well.

Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season 2 Cast Is Revealed In This New Image

Director Kevin Tancharoen has taken to Twitter once again to reveal a new image from season 2 of Mortal Kombat: Legacy. Since filming began on the second season of Legacy Kevin has been rather forthcoming in giving us teases of what’s to come in the form of simple character or set snapshots. Now with the first footage of MK: Legacy Season 2 set to debut early next month, Kevin has shared an image showing the complete cast.

Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season 2 Set Pics Show Character Glimpses

Filming is underway on season 2 of Mortal Kombat: Legacy and as we already know some changes are being made in respect to the cast.  It may still be disappointing that certain actors won’t appear in the project for various reasons, but at least we can rest easy in knowing that director Kevin Tancharoen isn’t abandoning his mixture of taking a realistic and moderately dark approach to the world of Mortal Kombat.

Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season 2 May Not Or May Not Feature Jax [Rumor]

Consistency won’t be entirely found in season two of Mortal Kombat: Legacy when it comes to which actors are portraying our favorite combatants.  As you may recall, last week saw a wave of news come in concerning who wasn’t returning to reprise their role in the second season of MK: Legacy, the biggest of which was actor Matt Mullins not being asked to reprise the role of Johnny Cage

Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season 2 Official Cast Announcements/First Set Pic + Comprehensive Cast Roster [UPDATED]

We can finally put some rumors and our internal fears to rest seeing as how Warner Bros. have officially announced some of the talent that will be rounding out the cast for season 2 of Mortal Kombat: Legacy. As you may recall, last week saw a huge wave of info hit as the series began production, some of which included key cast members not returning while completely new faces joined the project. Now WB has announced some old faces will return to the world of Mortal Kombat once more alongside with some rather exciting new talent.

The New Mortal Kombat Film Receives A Small Update

In case you forgot for some unimaginable reason there’s still a new Mortal Kombat movie in the works.  Announced late last year, Warner Bros. is indeed giving the MK series another go after the successful test run of Mortal Kombat: Legacy. Directed by Kevin Tancharoen (the same dude who did the gritty MK short film and MK: Legacy), the new Mortal Kombat film has been under the radar for what seems like an eternity so far.  We all know that the movie is happening, but rumors or more finite details have been hard to come by all around.

An Epic Statue Is Being Made Based On A Famous Mortal Kombat Character

Mortal Kombat fans are in for a special treat as one of the more iconic boss characters is being given the high-end statue treatment.  Syco Collectibles, the current firm doing all the MK statues, has revealed the first prototype images of their Motaro statue, which I assume will end up being mighty imposing given the character is a freaking Centaur with a skull necklace.

Mortal Kombat Vita Hands-On [GDC 2012]

There are some games that are timeless no matter how many years go by or even what platform they’re on.  As long as the core essence of the game is capture then it really doesn’t matter if we’re playing it on a different console or even on the go thanks to a portable gaming system.

Mortal Kombat Vita Game Details Finally Emerge

We may have been teased for almost a year, but earlier this week WB Interactive and NetherRealm Studios finally unveiled Mortal Kombat for the PlayStation Vita.  While it was nice to get an official confirmation that MK was bound for Sony’s new portable gaming device, the lack of game details and any kind of media somewhat made the announcement a null point.  We all know the basics of MK and what to expect from the series but not having answers to questions such as how NetherRealm was going to take advantage of the Vita did take away from the initial luster of the reveal.

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