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Monster Hunter

Is Capcom Prepping A Monster Hunter Movie?

Capcom may be readying another film adaptation of a core video game property, which based on the history of the company will either be a massive commercial and critical dud at the box office or will likely never become anything more than a mere pitch.  After giving us film versions of Street Fighter, Capcom is apparently preparing a film adaptation for none other than Monster Hunter.

Is Monster Hunter Coming To The PlayStation Vita? [Rumor]

Since launching in Japan last month the PlayStation Vita hasn’t exactly had a hugely successful launch. Despite the software being mostly good and the majority of the hardware devoid of any major issues, the Vita has struggled to find an audience, perhaps due to gamers in Japan being fascinated with their smartphones or merely busy playing games on the Nintendo 3DS.  No one is calling the Vita a doomed device as of now, aside from a few silly folks, but it’s clear that the handheld needs a much needed boost to its mild vital signs.

Capcom's Head European Honcho Updates Us On Their Plans For The PlayStation Vita

The software library for the PlayStation Vita is already shaping up to be amazing but so far a good chunk of those titles are all 1st party efforts from Sony.  Several 3rd party publishers have jumped aboard or at least have committed to supporting Sony’s new handheld such as Electronic Arts and even small indie firms such as Capybara Games but so far we’re still in the dark as to what 3rd party developers are prepping and how deep they’re investing power and time into the PlayStation Vita.

Sony Reveals The PSP Remaster Series (PSP Games For The PS3)

The PSP may have had a lot of hit games released during its life cycle, but gamers often wondered if we would ever see a popular PSP game re-released for the PS3.  Sony is of course familiar with porting popular PS2 games to the PS3 in HD versions like the Sly Collection and we even saw some PSP games such as Motorstorm: Arctic Edge pop up on the PS2.  The main theory people had behind Sony being selective in their HD offerings was that the company didn’t want to take away any business from the PSP and giv

Capcom Taking Monster Hunter Franchise To iPhone

The announcement made by Capcom stated Monster Hunter would soon be available on Apple’s iPhone and iPod. This iteration of the game, known as Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting, will once again take gamers to a land of fantasy inhabited by a variety of large beasts. Players will again take up the profession of a monster hunter whose role is to protect others from the assortment of creatures the game offers.

Monster Hunter may be making the jump to the Nintendo 3DS [RUMOR]

Just like every other major video game franchise, Monster Hunter could be making the leap to the Nintendo 3DS based on recent words from Capcom’s CEO Haruhiro Tsujimoto.  Monster Hunter appearing on Nintendo’s new-fangled 3D based handheld may not seem like a big deal as the Monster Hunter franchise has appeared on both the Wii and Xbox 360, but it could be a major coup for Nintendo.  You see, in the land of Japan the Monster Hunter series is one of the main reasons why the PSP is still immensely popular as it’s the biggest exclusive Sony’s portable has.

Lost Planet 2's Monster Hunter DLC is coming to North America

Tomorrow players across the globe can finally blast Akrids and Snow Pirates with the release of Lost Planet 2. Blowing stuff up in various mechs armed to the teeth is good enough but there’s some extra goodness planned.

New Lost Planet 2 bonus characters revealed

If you love it when video game franchises crossover then you should dig what Capcom has in store with Lost Planet 2. Previously it was revealed that LP2 owners will be able to download the Resident Evil 5 version of Wesker to play in the various multiplayer modes. Not only that but let’s not forget about the Gears of War bonus characters as well.  But in addition to Wesker two other Capcom characters will be joining the battle.

[Video] This is what Monster Hunter looks like in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

You may have already seen our article on the MGS: Peace Walker/Monster Hunter collaboration that simply looks awesome.  Well if looking at some screens wasn’t enough to sell you on the concept or left you wanting for more, this new trailer showcasing the mash-up of franchises should please you.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker gets a Monster Hunter mode

We know that the Metal Gear Solid franchise can be a bit wacky. And no, I’m not referring to the sometimes convoluted storylines involving A.I. programs or the various supernatural elements. I’m more so referring the silly nature the series can take with stuff like the famous Snake vs. Monkey mode in MGS3.

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