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Xenoblade Chronicles X [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Xenoblade Chronicles X is complicated.

The Pros: 

+Cohesive design that rewards curiosity and exploration
+An amazing soundtrack that I need to own
+One of the most impressive looking games regardless of platform
+Sexy squid lady

The Cons: 

-Systems and menus that will be intimidating for even the hardest core players
-Anime clichés and designs that might turn some people off
-Sexy squid lady Rating : 

Where do I even start? Xenoblade Chronicles X is positively massive in every sense of the word. The physical space of it’s world is massive, the depth of it’s systems is massive, the amount of content in general is massive. It’s no wonder that Nintendo has provided optional Installation Downloads to keep loading times moving at a steady clip for people playing using the physical disc.

Pikmin 3 [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Honestly, waiting 9 years for a sequel I just thought there would be more to Pikmin 3 in regards to new mechanics and features. Sure there are new Pikmin types and the WiiU GamePad gets it use (if you use that control scheme), but it’s still the same Pikmin game once again. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as there’s nothing else out there quite like Pikmin, I just wish it felt newer since we had to wait this long. 

The Pros: 

+ Deep strategy elements when utilizing the WiiU GamePad

+ Multiple controls schemes and options to suit your preferred play method

+ Off-TV play support with WiiU GamePad

+ Challenging and rewarding boss fights

The Cons: 

- A 9 year wait and it’s still just Pikmin once again

- Only two new Pikmin types

- Short campaign with no co-op or online options Rating : 

It’s been almost a full decade since we got to play a Pikmin game last. That’s quite a long wait for loyal Nintendo fans that have been clamoring for a sequel to the popular 2004 GameCube game. It was originally teased a few years back about being released on the Wii, but with the WiiU releasing, development was pushed back to launch on the new hardware instead. Now the wait is finally over, but has the long wait finally been worth it?

The Whacky Brutality of Gotham City Impostors Is Shown In This New Trailer

Last month at E3 I played one game in particular that I had mixed feelings about but was hoping for the best: Gotham City Impostors.  A spin-off on the Batman franchise, Gotham City Impostors takes gamers out of the cape and cowl of Bruce Wayne as Batman and instead places them in the shoes of would be heroes and villains.  Taking the world of Batman and transporting it into a FPS environment that was devoid of the iconic characters associated with the series was interesting and could’ve been a nice departure from the typical licensed fair we see.

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