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Monday Night Combat

QuarterSave: The Japanese Edition EP48

Well, it’s become wildly apparent that Summer is in full effect in the QuarterSave studios. To try and quell the effects of the heat Corey and I enjoy some Japanese beer while reminiscing about the day full of events we enjoyed at Vancouver’s Anime Evolution convention. Of course that wasn’t the only news of the week though. This week saw plenty of action, and we picked out three of our top stories to discuss: Moral Kombat, Bioshock Infinite, and Sony Ericson’s move to handheld gaming.

Monday Night Combat [Review] [Summer of Arcade]

Overall Feeling: 

A blend of tower defense and third-person class-based shooters, MNC is a unique take on two genres that works a whole lot better then I would have originally expected.

The Pros: 

Quick, easy fun. Interesting character/level design art. Unique characters that provide for every game-type. Addictive game-play that will bring you back over and over.

The Cons: 

Really only one game-type varied in two ways, so not much change up. Rating : 

Yesterday the fourth instalment of Xbox’s Summer of Arcade series dropped: Monday Night Combat. This is a game that I’ve been following with a medium level of anticipation. It’s a great concept with some goofy marketing that seemed like it could end up falling quite easily on to either side of the fence. So when I finally got around to downloading a copy for myself, I approached with a very cautious optimism. For those unaware, the basic idea of the game is a blend between tower defense and third-person class-based shooters.

A look at the deadly Assassin class of Monday Night Combat

If there was ever a game that encapsulates the term wildcard, it has to be Monday Night Combat.  On the surface MNC may just seem like another run-of-the mill online action game, but it could end up being a surprise XBLA hit due to its humor, style and gameplay.

Combining tongue-in-cheek humor, stylized art, and pure fun action combat, Monday Night Combat has all the makings of a quality XBLA game. The premise of the game is simple: it’s a televised battle for supremacy between human combatants and their team controlled A.I. robots.

Microsoft's 3rd Annual Xbox Live Summer of Arcade Line Up Dated

Summer is upon us and that means it is time for Microsoft to roll out their Xbox Live Summer of Arcade extravaganza for the third consecutive year.

This year's selections represents a delightful mix of Xbox Live Arcade games to waste your Summer hours away that features everything from high speed nautical racing to the latest adventure from a famous gaming buxom heroine. 

This year's release schedule is as follows:

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