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Xbox @ E3 2015

Bethesda started E3 a day early with their first ever press conference. It had some monumental moments of its own, like the gameplay reveal of Fallout 4 and its crazy crafting system that is sure to have gamers pouring hundreds of hours into the game later this year. Not to mention finally seeing what DOOM is going to look and play like. Now Microsoft finished their press conference for Xbox, and if you know me at all you know how much of an Xbox fan I am. To say I left their conference excited is quite an understatement.

Modders Recreate GTA III Using Rockstar's Rage Engine

The PC modding community has been around for ages and likely will continue to thrive as the years continue.  We’ve had a lot of cool mods come out over the years some of which have been small like having the DeLorean from “Back to the Future” recreated within Crysis while other mods have been more substantial and ultimately have gone on to become full games.  

Combine Star Wars With Modern Warfare And You Get An Awesome Mod

PC game mods can be a beautiful thing since they often bring us stuff that either fixes the core game itself or provides an entirely new experience that someone out there wasn’t smart enough to capitalize on.  Say what you will about Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, but if the game has done one terrific thing that will forever be remembered it’s that it was able to bring us the vision of Star Wars: Galactic Warfare. 

Super Smash Bros. Mod Project M Demo Is Now Available

Super Smash Bros. may not be the first game people think of to have an intensely loyal fan following, but Nintendo’s all-star fighting series actually has one of the most hardcore followings out there. Not only is Super Smash Bros. and its various incarnations played in fighting tournaments across the world, both in official and underground events, but the fans are so loyal that they’re gone and modded the game.

ModNation Racers

Overall Feeling: 

ModNation Racers puts off all the worries of skeptics and the delusional folks that believe kart racing games are dead. With a new feel and great high definition graphics, ModNation is solid. All of your favorite types of weapons are available. ModNation Racers is the perfect modern kart racer. We've evolved, so has kart racing.

The Pros: 

All of the graphics and visuals in ModNation Racers are superb. The Multiplayer is top-notch and hard to master. The controls do take a bit to get used to, but once familiar they are the perfect layout. If you like to customize, this is the game for you. With thousands of items and modifications, you could (if you choose) never put this game away.

The Cons: 

With a very tedious "career" mode (which is the only way to unlock a lot of the items) ModNation tends to push you towards either same-couch multiplayer, or online. The biggest tick I had with the career mode was the announcers, at first their quips were cute and funny, but they soon grew tiring. The announcers also call you "Tag" no matter what you do, weird. If you stay away from the career mode, then ModNation doesn't stack up a big dirty list of Cons. It's just great. Rating : 

Thanks to my awesomeness of epic proportions, I had the delight of attending two local Gaming Expos this year. The First was Vancouver Film School's Game Design Expo, the second was GDC Canada 2010. During both conventions Sony/UnitedFront Games we're showing off ModNation Racers. Basing my opinions on the short bursts of gameplay I got to sneak in during these conventions, I was eager to purchase the game as soon as it was released.

This "Back to the Future" Mod for Crysis is full of awesome

One of the coolest things about PC games is Mods.  There’s nothing cooler than seeing the community of a particular game create something unique, whether it’s a new weapon or a crazy new game mode and character skins.  In some cases Mods are so good that they become available for retail which was the case with the famous Counter-Strike.

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