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BE3: The Bethesda Show

Oh, Bethesda. My faith in you is well-placed.

If you were able to catch the conference last night then you were probably as slippery and wet from salivating as I was. We weren't given a slew of games to look forward to over the next year like with other conferences, but we were given less a buffet and more tapas: smaller morsels, but oh god they're so delicious. Maybe I should stop talking while I'm waiting for dinner.

Will LittleBigPlanet Go The MMO Route? [Rumor]

Media Molecule may be taking a break from releasing games for a while as the studio is currently hard at work on something – the likes of which the general public knows absolutely nothing about.  Instead of cranking out annual LittleBigPlanet games Media Molecule and company owner Sony have decided to take a breather from the franchise on the PS3 while spin-offs (LBP Karting) and ports (LBP Vita) take center stage.

Elder Scrolls MMO Reportedly Set To Be Unveiled Soon

The social lives of many gamers may come to an end in the next year or so as the Elder Scrolls franchise may be going the MMO route which no doubt which result in an addiction that may rival high-grade drugs.  Far from being announced in an official capacity, word has lingered for a long time about Bethesda taking the Elder Scrolls franchise the MMO route and now a recent post made on Tom’s Guide is pointing to such a thing being a reality with a reveal bound for May.

BioWare Drops the Ban Hammer Early in SWTOR

First of all, a Happy New Year’s to all our Shogun brethren seeing as this is my first posting back in the New Year. Welcome to 2012 all!

As someone that’s developed a personal interest in the world of Star Wars: The Old Republic, BioWare’s stab at the WoW marketplace and reinvention of the concept of what MMORPG means for the Star Wars Universe, the news today that a number of its members are getting banned for gold farming and some lesser crimes is one that happened to have piqued my interest.

First Details On The New Marvel MMO Sound Promising

After somewhat jumping the gun last week, Marvel has finally announced some solid details on their upcoming Marvel MMO.  A second take of sorts for Marvel in the MMO genre, based on what was divulged during a Q&A event it seems like Marvel really is trying to offer the optimum Marvel experience for the gamers who want to play as Spider-Man, which I assume is in the 10 million + range.

Marvel Is Jumping Into The MMO Genre Once Again

After a few failed attempts and one that gained some steamed before being canned, Marvel apparently is taking another stab at the MMO genre.  Back in the day Marvel was set to release an exclusive MMORPG exclusive to the Xbox 360.  Not much of Marvel’s Xbox 360 MMO was shown, but it was being developed by Cryptic Studios (City of Heroes) and a basic teaser trailer was enough to ignite the hype amongst hardcore Marvel fans.  But ultimately Marvel canned Cryptic Studios’ Marvel MMO and it was never shown to the public in any form.

Rift: Planes of Telara [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Rift is not only the cleanest launch of an MMO I have ever seen, it is hands down the most polished MMO at launch that I have ever played. This is no small feat since I have been playing MMOs for well over 10 years. Not only was the launch clean but the game is really, really good. The only test left for Rift is its lasting power but if launch is any indication, this game has nothing but success in its future.

The Pros: 

+ A near perfect launch with next to no bugs, lag or server issues.

+ The game is very reminiscent of other popular MMOs such as World of Warcraft or Lord of the Rings online, meaning any MMO player can dive right in.

+ Tons of little innovations to set itself apart; AoE looting, zone puzzles, collections, crazy class (soul) system and so much more.

+ The games namesake, rifts, are a huge leap forward in the MMO genre and not only offer a new path of progression but are a ton of fun.

The Cons: 

- Class balance is still being refined which can cause some frustration, especially in PvP.

- It might steal your soul. Rating : 

Rift is the MMO that came out of nowhere and has caught the entire genre off guard. Since the rise of World of Warcraft, every single MMO has struggled to take a real foothold in the market. Lord of the Rings: Online achieved some success, especially with its re-launch as a free-2-play title. There have also been some niche titles such as EVE which are massively (yay for puns) successful. However as a whole, the fantasy MMO genre only has one name, and it is World of Warcraft; or should I say had one name.

Guild Wars 2 Hands On [PAX East 2011]

As a follow-up to the NCSoft presentation, I attended an NCSoft party where I was able to get some hands-on time. I made sure to play everything new to the game for PAX East so I created a character from the new race, the Norn, and the new class: The Thief. Read on for the details.

NCSoft Press Presentation [PAX East 2011]

We were privileged enough to be invited to join NCSoft at their behind the scenes presentation for three of their titles, Aion Online, City of Heroes and Guild Wars 2. The first two are existing titles so the presentation revolved largely around upcoming content patches; however, Guild Wars 2 is slated for later this year or early 2012 so we got some tidbits of new information. Read on.

A Bungie Designer Reveals What The Studio's Next Project Is

Having developed one of the biggest video game franchises of all time, Bungie pretty much has free reign to do whatever the hell they want.  No longer directly attached to the Halo franchise (that honor goes to 343 Industries), Bungie was in one of those rare instances where they could go to a company and be given carte blanche to do whatever the hell they wanted to do.  After settling with Activision as a partner (much to the dismay of gamers and the industry as a whole), Bungie has finally revealed the first tidbit on their next project, which in the end could be disappointing f

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