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New Mortal Kombat game announced by Warner Brothers [UPDATED WITH TRAILER]

With the Mortal Kombat hype high after the release of the MK film pitch video, Warner Brothers Interactive has announced the latest Mortal Kombat game.  Simply titled Mortal Kombat, the game promises to take gamers back the glory days of the franchise as the game will feature a “mature presentation.”  Best of all the new MK game will be a 2D fighter similar to Street Fighter IV and the upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

UPDATE - Is this the first look at the Mortal Kombat reboot? [Video]

UPDATE - The video has been confirmed to be a pitch made by director Larnell Stovall.  This is Stovall's reimaging of the MK series and at this point is merely a pitch to WB as a potential film.  So this is sadly unrelated to MK9 and isn't even greenlit as a film.


Warner Brothers set to reboot the Mortal Kombat film franchise

With Midway Chicago hard at work on the next installment of Mortal Kombat it shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise that Midway owner Warner Brothers is looking to reboot the MK film franchise.  Bloody Disgusting is reporting that WB plans to reboot the Mortal Kombat franchise and they’ve gotten Hollywood’s next hot writer, Oren Uziel, to write it.

Amazing concept art from a Mortal Kombat reboot pitch

Back in the day Mortal Kombat was one of the top games on the market due to the crazy moves, unique characters and of course the over-the-top violence and gore. After a rocky start when the series made the jump to 3D things settled a bit on the PS2 era with a nice series of games but they were still missing that edge we loved from the MK series and they felt a bit predictable.

Mortal Kombat 9 seeks to become the standard for online play in fighting games

Despite the recent financial troubles of Midway which resulted in the acquisition of Midway Chicago and the Mortal Kombat property by Warner Brothers Interactive, the production on the latest MK game is still going ahead full steam.

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