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Microsoft Reveals Black Tusk Studios, Rumored To Making Sci-Fi Shooter

The games industry may have suffered some major setbacks when it comes to development studios, but the industry hasn’t entered the worrisome DEFCON 5 level scenario just yet. While work can still be done to help improve the industry in an effort to make things more financially sound for certain studios, working in the games industry isn’t a complete suicide job as evident by Microsoft’s new studio based out of Vancouver.

Halo: Forward Unto Dawn Episode 2 Is Now Available

It’s time yet again to see some live-action sci-fi goodness thanks to episode 2 of Halo: Forward Unto Dawn.  At times a series may have a few dips here and there, even Mortal Kombat: Legacy suffered such a thing, but things are held together rather nicely in the second episode of the new Halo series.

Hopeful Wishing Time: Microsoft Reportedly Renews Killer Instinct Trademarks

A true megaton could be upon us based on the latest trademark registration Microsoft has made. Either that or we’re in for a true disappointment of such epic proportions that gamers could enter such a zone of jadedness that their souls are forever imprisoned within the Phantom Zone.  The Microsoft acquisition of Rare has proven to be a bust based on what has transpired in the last five years, but one of the flagship properties of the company may return: Killer Instinct.

Stunt Fans Rejoice: Joe Danger 2 Is Finally Given A Release Date

The fine chaps over at Hello Games have finally finished their ode to the classic era of over-the-top stunts and cartoons as Joe Danger 2: The Movie has a release date. Announced last year to the merriment of gamers, Joe Danger 2 looked to retain the same core elements found in its predecessor all while including a plethora of new stuntastic scenarios that would make any daredevil gamer smile with glee.

TwistedPixel Reveals First Footage Of Lococycle, Looks Absolutely Crazy

Microsoft's E3 press conference this year may have had some high and low moments, but aside from the ever boring Kinect segments the attention of gamers was grabbed when MS showed off their exclusives. Besides heavyweights such as Gears and Forza, Microsoft made a splash with their upcoming XBLA exclusives. One XBLA teaser trailer that was a high point, almost in a "lol, wut?" sort of way, was TwistedPixel's Lococycle.

New State of Decay Video Offers A Glimpse Of Base Building

After being in development for ages with only small glimpses shown here and there, Undead Labs finally gave us a proper look at their 3rd person survival-action zombie game State of Decay. Bound for XBLA, State of Decay may seem like nothing more than the latest game to cash in on the still popular zombie fad, but beneath the head popping action the game provides is an experience which is rooted deep in fort building and making the best decisions to stay alive.

State of Decay Adds Some Open-World Survival Horror On XBLA

Once known by the unassuming moniker Class3, Undead Labs has been hard at work on their vision of what the zombie apocalypse would be like.  Perhaps two kicks away from suffering irreparable genre damage of the highest degree, zombie video games may have somehow surpassed the bald space marine trope as far as testing our will is concerned, but there’s a chance that Class3 – or rather State of Decay could manage to inject new life into the tired genre and perhaps revitalize the way gamers look at it.

Super Time Force Screens Show That Retro Visuals Can Still Be Awesome

I’m still in the process of doing half a dozen things at the moment while still trying to inform you good people out there so every now and then I may be a bit late to see something. With that said, I couldn’t help myself upon seeing these new screens for Super Time Force as I simply felt compelled to post them for the people who may not be familiar with the project since the game looks incredible.

Forrmer SCE Boss Heads To Microsoft, "Betrayalton" and Fanboy Rantings Ensue

The video game industry sees established figures come and go and in some cases that results in a few folks landing in unexpected places.  For the most part figures central to their companies such as Cliffy B, Jack Tretton, and The Houser Brothers have stayed with their respective companies but the same can’t be said of everyone and that includes former SCE Worldwide Studios boss Phil Harrison.

Latest Diabolical Pitch Video Shows Simplistic Action

This could be the year gamers finally receive a nice line-up of core Kinect games with the arrival of Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor and Crimson Dragon.  Either that or 2012 will be the year in which gamers reach a new high level of bitterness over once again being fooled by fancy technology that isn’t pushed as much as it could have both by those who created it and by developers.

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