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Quantum Break [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Quantum Break is a risky gamble, one that might not pay off for the general public, but one that a review and lover of story crafting and world building like myself deeply appreciates. While the general public might not love the idea of sitting down to watch 20 minutes of TV at the end of each chapter, I found it a beautiful combination of my love for marathoning Netflix TV and gaming.

The Pros: 

+Live action is well shot and well acted.
+Story and world are deep, interesting, and will keep you guessing.
+Time-manipulation powers are a lot of fun to abuse.

The Cons: 

-Core shooting mechanics are weak, compared even to previous Remedy action-shooters.
-Easy to see people not being interested in 20 minute "cut scenes" at the end of each chapter. Rating : 

From the end of the first chapter I knew that Quantum Break was going to be a controversial title. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to sit and watch a 22 minute "cut scene" at the end of each level. That being said, this is hardly the first time we've been asked to sit and watch either. Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid have found success with elongated cut scenes to close out chapters of the game, so why is the idea of watching a full TV show quality bumper so unreasonable?

Crytek's Kinect Brawler Ryse Is Still Alive For Now


Games come and go either because they get cancelled or they get released only to earn fame or in some cases earn a decent amount of scorn and hatred.  The video game business is an interesting one as there are also games which we forget about simply because they disappear and we’re too busy to notice.  With half a dozen games announced every couple of months and people being preoccupied playing new releases, it’s not too uncommon for known games to be forgotten about since they only show up once a year.  

Trials Evolution [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Trials Evolution takes the simple concept of riding a motorcycle though a series of obstacles and elevates it to frustrating and satisfying new heights. There’s a great wealth of content here, from a lengthy single player career, to online multiplayer and one of the most robust track editors ever. Aside from some minor issues with gated progress and an overdramatic camera, Trials Evolution stands as one of the most addicting games available on the Xbox Live marketplace.

The Pros: 

+ Great locales and level design

+ Track editor provides infinite content

+ Simple, addictive gameplay is easy to learn, hard to master

The Cons: 

- Extremely frustrating at times

- Learning curve is solid up through Medium difficulty, but rises sharply thereafter

- Gated progress means replaying tracks for better times and fault counts Rating : 

According to the best times posted for Way of the Ninja, one of the Extreme difficulty tracks in RedLynx’s Trials Evolution, the ride should only take about two minutes. It’s just a trip around a short racetrack with some obstacles scattered between the goal and I. Fifteen minutes later, I’m given the warning that I can only fault 250 more times before I automatically fail. That means I’ve faulted about as many times already, and I’m still only on the second jump.

See What It Takes To Become A Soldier In Steel Battalion Heavy Armor [Video]

For nearly two years it’s been hyped as one of the premier experiences on the Kinect for core gamers and soon we’ll see if Steel Battalion Heavy Armor will deliver the goods.  Scheduled to drop exclusively on the Xbox 360 this year, Steel Battalion’s return will reach some gamers sooner as expected since it’s one of the many games that will be playable at PAX East this weekend. I’m trying my best not to go into angry kid mode since I won’t be attending PAX East to partake in some mech vs.

TL;DR - Mar 5 - Fable Heroes, Forza Horizon, Halo 4

This week, as many of you are already aware, marks GDC 2012. Ian and I will be reporting from the show-floor all week long, and (hopefully) will be providing a bit of a video wrap up at the end of each day to talk about what we’ve seen. In the meantime, here’s a couple stories that broke today for your standard TL;DR goodness: The reveal of Fable Heroes, new media for Halo 4 and an announcement for the next title in the Forza series.

Kinect Star Wars Footage Once Again Shows That The Force Isn't Strong [Updated]

Yesterday we received a video that was very special for a lot of different reasons. While I may not have made a news post for said video, I did opt to make a brief post on the Shogun Gamer Facebook page. Our loyal readers may know what I’m talking about as I’m referring to the live-action promo video for Kinect Star Wars

Get A Small Glimpse At Class3, A XBLA Exclusive Zombie Game

If you’re tired of zombies appearing in video games then I have bad news for you as that trend doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon.  With sequels to games like Dead Rising, Dead Island, and new properties such as The Walking Dead (note the common trend of having dead in the title) coming out soon it's clear that zombies are here to stay for better or worse. But while the undead may live on in video games for the next five years we can expect a few innovative titles to come along such as Class3, the XBLA zombie game from Undead Labs.

[RUMOR] Crytek Bumps The Kinect Action Title Ryse To Next-Gen Xbox

The plot is thickening when it comes to the next-generation Xbox.  We’ve already been hit with a few rumors pointing to potential tech specs for Microsoft's next-gen console and how it could possibly be unveiled at CES next month.  It’s almost tradition in the video game industry for somewhat believable, somewhat full of crap rumors to surface about next-gen hardware and in a way it’s something gamers look forward to.

Sine Mora Is Now An Exclusive For....

We haven’t seen much of the Grasshopper Manufacture/Digital Reality produced shmup Sine Mora since the game went public at PAX Prime, but today we have an update on the project that may upset PS3 fans. Originally slated to appear on both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, Sine Mora will now be a XBLA exclusive once it comes out early next year.  Yes, it’s time for PS3 fans to enter bitter tears mode.

Pirates of the Caribbean Director Set To Make Games For Microsoft

The connection between Hollywood and the world of video games may not be perfect just yet, in either medium, but it’s still growing based on this new tidbit of news.  After giving us some simple yet stylish blockbuster popcorn movies over the past few years, director Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean) is making the jump to video games.  Verbinski’s company Blind Wink Productions will be making the leap to digital entertainment as the studio has signed a deal to produce games for Microsoft platforms – which of course includes the Xbox 360.

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