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MGS4 Trophy Patch Dated + Complete Trophy List

It may have only taken as long as the gap between the Olympic games and the average term of a U.S. President, but the Trophy patch for Metal Gear Solid 4 is finally happening. No, this isn’t yet another troll moment by Hideo Kojima and the other fine folks at Kojima Productions as the MGS4 Trophy patch is indeed a thing that isn’t a grand illusion created by computers who want to put nanomachines in us or some nonsense like that.

PlayStation Heroes Come To Life In Sony's Live Long Play Ad [Video]

Video game ads are always hit and miss since they either try to be too unique in order to captivate people or are simple snippets of game footage condensed into a 20 second clip.  For the most part we’ve gotten some good video game ads this generation that pay respect to the property without dumbing things down too much for the mainstream audience. Even games like Dante’s Inferno have gotten decent ads amidst classics like the ad campaign the Gears of War series has received.

Hideo Kojima comments on if we'll see MGS4 redux

When it comes to being the master of Twitter hype in the video game community, there’s no one better than Hideo Kojima.  Kojima must have a lot of spare time on his hands when he isn’t working on new MGS games as he’s often tweeting about leather jackets, what he’s having for dinner and dropping occasional game teases that often go nowhere.

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