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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Debut Footage Of MGS3 HD Edition Looks Beautiful

Yesterday we received some glorious images proving that HD Collections can be a good thing as the MGS HD Collection simply looked superb.  The first major media reveal of the HD upgrade being given to MGS2, MGS3 and MGS: Peace Walker, the screens looked glorious but of course looking at a still image never conveys the same awe that is to be had from seeing something in motion. To give MGS fans one last treat to celebrate Gamescom, Konami and Kojima Productions have released a new video showing off the HD upgrade MGS3 has received.

Fresh Images From The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Whether or not the sudden surge in developers creating HD collections of old games is a sign of a lack of imagination is yet to be seen.  So far we haven’t seen too many publishers jump on the HD remix/collection bandwagon and the titles released thus far have mostly been for games people care about such as Tomb Raider or God of War.  Sure, seeing a company release a HD collection may be a way for a few easy bucks to be made but in the case of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection I don’t think people really care as long as the games are good and faithful to the originals.

E3 Megaton Announcement #1: Konami & Kojima Productions Reveal MGS HD Collection and Zone of the Enders HD Collection

Today has been rather interesting for a few reasons, the biggest of which is how the Konami pre-E3 press conference turned out to be a bit of a bust.  Instead of dishing out a live press conference filled with a bunch of snafus and Japanese developers totally going ape shit crazy on stage, Konami opted to go with a pre-recorded presentation featuring segments dedicated to specific games like MGS 3: 3DS Edition and Never Dead.  The event, which has some cool moments (Silent Hill: Downpour and Never Dead may actually be good) but the biggest reveal belongs to none other than Hideo K

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