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Metal Gear Rising

UK Gamers Receiving Metal Gear Rising Limited Edition

There is hope for Metal Gear fans after all as Konami has just revealed the European Limited Edition SKUs for Metal Gear Rising.  If you recall, last week Konami unveiled not just one but two exquisite CE’s for Rising which traded in tacky accessories for stylish things such as nice packaging and a rather kick-ass Raiden figure.  Thought had it that Konami wouldn’t bring either of those packages to Western markets, but today we stand corrected.

Konami Unveils Amazing Premium Packages For Metal Gear Rising

It’s always interesting to see how a publisher will not only market a game in the Western and Eastern markets, but to see what sort of specialty SKU they’ll release as well.  At this point gamers in the West are used to seeing sometimes sophisticated premium packages released in Japan that are amazing in every way and easily justify the high price tags that are attached.  

Konami Unveils North American Collector's Edition SKUs for Metal Gear Rising and Zone of the Enders HD

WB Interactive showed us a rather perfect Collector’s Edition for Injustice: Gods Among Us earlier this week that perfectly fit the target demographic without skewing too low in an attempt to earn a few extra bucks.  The nature of CE’s still draws the ire of gamers once in a while since quality products that aren’t filled with needless plastic are hard to come by.

First Look At The Bosses Of Metal Gear Rising [Video/Screens]

As much as TGS is associated with the PlayStation brand, gamers also think of Metal Gear Solid once September rolls around.  Konami and Kojima Productions may share some Metal Gear love to other industry events such as E3, but TGS is usually the one place in which we can look forward to receiving a somewhat excessively long trailer that ends with a comedic stinger.  Such a tradition still holds true for TGS 2012 as we have an extended, and rather revealing, look at Metal Gear Rising.

Konami Packs In Metal Gear Demo With Zone of the Enders Once Again

Konami is keeping the tradition alive pertaining to the Zone of the Ender and Metal Gear franchises. As veteran gamers know, when the first Zone of the Enders game was released on the PS2 back in 2001 it included the first and only public demo of MGS2: Sons of Liberty. Back in the day before demos were made available on a near weekly basis thanks to digital distribution, receiving a demo packed in with a game was a big deal, thus ZoE was bought by gamers merely to get a taste of MGS2.

Bayonetta Creator May Announce/Release New Game In 2012

If 2012 is indeed the end of the world as per the Mayan calendar then it ought to be a glorious year in every possible way. Aside from getting amazing movies such as “Prometheus”, “The Dark Knight Rises”, and “James Bond: Skyfall” we’re also going to receive some blockbuster video games.  Titles like GTAV may not be a lock for 2012, but possibly receiving Metal Gear Rising, a new God of War game, Halo 4, and new IP like Overstrike, 2012 will make 2012 an excellent year for gaming. 

Get The Full Story On Metal Gear Rising In This New Video

I’ve already shared my initial thoughts on Metal Gear Rising but now we have a better idea of what happened with the project and how Platinum Games came onboard. As promised, Konami and Kojima Productions have released a twenty-five minute video that’s essentially a short documentary as to the origins and history of Metal Gear Rising thus far.

Kojima Is Up To His Old Tricks, New Teaser Posted That Could Lead To Metal Gear Rising Reveal

Hideo Kojima at times can be a man of few words who merely lets his game or in some cases elaborate teases do all the talking.  Things have been rather quiet on the Kojima front for some time and there even doesn’t seem to be an outstanding amount of hype for the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection – which if you didn’t recall comes out next week in North America.

Some Incredibly Interesting Metal Gear Rumors Surface

One thing about E3 and the days leading up to the event that has always tickled my fancy are the various pre-E3 rumors we receive. Most of the time it’s fun to get a little tease of something that’s going to be revealed on the show floor or during a press conference even if it takes away from the overall surprise factor that E3 presents every year.  But every now and then we get a rumor that completely stretches the realm of reality in terms of its believability.

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