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Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Leviathan provides an interesting new chapter to the ME3 story, and it's clear that a good deal of thought and care went into both the narrative and encounter design, but it doesn't match ME2's best efforts, most notably Overlord or Lair of the Shadow Broker. The DLC provides some beautiful new areas to explore, answers questions and fills in some of the rich lore of the ME universe, and challenges the player with slight innovations during some stand-out action scenes. Still, with a misstep in revealing information too early and no truly difficult decisions to make, it's a little short and a little plodding for the price tag.

The Pros: 

+ Strong writing and voice acting, and some interesting, challenging twists on combat scenarios

+ Suitably creepy and mysterious, and well-paced overall with several ups and downs

+ New weapons, a new power, and decent payoff towards the main plot

The Cons: 

- Coming this late after ME3's release considerably lessens the impact of the events in Leviathan—I wish I could have played it on release

- Slower-paced "detective" work is fine at first, but once the player has exhausted the eye-candy and grown used to the mystery, sections can drag on

- Probably a little pricey for the value, especially when compared to past DLC Rating : 

Commander Shepard's exploits, male or female, have sold millions of copies of their games in our universe, safe-guarded billions of aliens in theirs, and have made headlines in both by including the ability to punch out reporters mid-sentence and explore cross-species, same-sex, and even old-fashioned hetero loving with accompanying make-out scenes. The intellectual property has been much-loved and simultaneously reviled, most recently by the outcry over ME3's original endings.

New Mass Effect 3 Leviathan & Firefight DLC Info Revealed.

Bioware today officially announced the first new single-player campaign related DLC for Mass Effect 3 called Leviathan and no I'm not counting the extended cut DLC as being first because that whole deal was ridiculous in my opinion.

Mass Effect 3: Rebellion Pack DLC Incoming Next Week

Bioware today officially revealed the contents of their new Mass Effect 3 Rebellion DLC Pack whose content was apparently leaked a couple of weeks ago.

The Rebellion DLC Pack arrives next week on Tuesday, May 29 and will be available to download for free via Xbox Live, Sony's PlayStation Network and the PC. If you live in the UK area then you have to wait just one extra day (May 30) to download the new DLC for the PS3 version.

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut To Launch This Summer

For Mass Effect fans seeking closure, you’ll be happy to know it’s only a few months away.

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut will launch this Summer as free downloadable content. The DLC will provide deeper insight and more clarity in the conclusion of Commander Shepherd’s adventure. The news drops a mere day after an online poll listed Electronic Arts as the worst company in America... something that has clearly spoken volumes.

Mass Effect: Team Assault (FPS Multiplayer Game) Looks Ok In This Leaked Video

We haven’t had any good leaks lately in respect to footage of cancelled video game projects but that changes today with our first and only possible look at Mass Effect: Team Assault, the proposed Mass Effect spin-off game that was to be a competitive FPS entry in the series.

A New Ending To Mass Effect 3 Is On The Way

Today brought the announcement some Mass Effect fans have been crying, petitioning, complaining and harassing for, a new ending to the series.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Bioware has faced heavy criticism over the ending of the newly released Mass Effect 3. Plot holes and canon have been tossed under the bus by fans who claim they never received the closure they deserve. 

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost Anime Movie Will Star James Vega

It has been almost a year since BioWare and EA announced with the collaboration of Funimation, that Mass Effect will have its own "epic science fiction adventure set in a vast universe filled with dangerous alien life and mysterious, uncharted planets" anime movie and according to some new recent information coming out of this year's annual South by Southwest festival currently going on in Austin, Texas, the anime move has its star.

TL;DR - Mar 6 - ME3 Meta Scores, SimCity 2013, SteamBox

Day two of GDC has now come to a close, and Ian and I are still thoroughly enjoying ourselves at our first ever Game Developers conference. While there’s plenty of first-hand accounts and hands-on playtests to talk about, I wanted to make sure that I kept the momentum of TL;DR and offered up a couple of stories that peaked my interest today. First up, Maxis has officially announced the release of SimCity, there’s a date, trailer and images available for those interested.

TL;DR - Feb 24 - ME3 in a Tree, Sonic 4, and MK Komplete

First of all, a very happy Friday to everyone! This week felt like a long one, but we made it! Today’s TL;DR features a whole plethora of new gaming trailers. But before we get to that, the news today focuses on Sonic 4: Episode 2’s co-op, Mass Effect 3’s early copies getting stuck up a tree, and Mortal Kombat receiving a Capcom-esque ‘Komplete’ edition.

Mass Effect 3 DLC, Nintendo Tease, Street Fighter Announcement - TL;DNR - Feb. 21st

Throughout the day, every day, plenty of stories tend to slip through Shogun’s cracks. That’s mainly because we pride ourselves on being a site that spends a little more time digging and going in-depth with the news items of the day that pique our personal interests… However, I want to try something a little different, a little “new.” Instead of inundating our readers with a plethora of short two-sentence news times through-out the day, I’m going to bundle a couple smaller, but still significant stories into a new segment I’m tentatively calling “TL;DNR” or Too Long; Did Not Read.

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