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Mass Effect 2

Key Mass Effect Voice Actor Possibly Replaced

While it’s still a major franchise, the Mass Effect series hasn’t exactly had a smooth experience in pleasing fans like games such as Uncharted or Gears of War have. There’s no doubt at all that the folks over at BioWare and EA have done an exceptional job at creating an engaging universe and story, but certain changes in the gameplay core of Mass Effect have left some gamers a bit annoyed if not wholly disappointed.

Canadian Video Game Awards & Canada Games Conference 2011!


Canadian Video Game Awards:

To further express our countries amazing video game developers, we here in Vancouver hold an annual Canadian Video Game Awards show. This show is filled with development superstars and high profile press/entertainment icons. The second annual CVGA's took place the eve before we kicked off the Canadian Games Conference. Here is the list of the winners and nominees followed by my romp through the Canadian Games Conference.

Mass Effect 2 "Arrival" DLC Launch Trailer

Tomorrow will see the arrival of Mass Effect 2's final downloadable content pack, "Arrival" to download on either the PSN ($6.99), Xbox Live Marketplace (560 MS Points) and PC (560 Bioware Points).

The Last Mass Effect 2 DLC, "The Arrival" Gets Dated

Bioware today announce the release date for The Arrival, the final DLC for its critically acclaimed and multiple Game of the Year Award winning sci-fi RPG epic Mass Effect 2.

The Arrival is slated to be available for download starting next week on March 29 for 560 MS Points via the Xbox Live Marketplace on the Xbox 360, $6.99 via the PlayStation Network on the PS3, or 560 Bioware Points on the PC.

The final DLC will be the bridge between the stories of Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 which will be released later this year during the 2011 Holiday season.

Versus: Commander Sheppard vs. Master Chief

We here at Shogun Gamer are starting a new feature article that will be released weekly. It's called, Versus. It's kind of like a deadliest warrior for gamers. We give you two characters from the video game universe, put them down in an environment that we think would even the odds and let you, the readers, decide the outcome. Of course you may have trouble deciding when it comes down to the crucial finale. So we'll also put some info up on the characters that we've decided to put face to face in their fight to the death.

Mass Effect 2 also set to drop on the PlayStation Network

To show just how far games have come this generation, Electronic Arts has revealed that Mass Effect 2 will also be available on the PlayStation Network next Tuesday, January 18th, to coincide with its disc based release.  Mass Effect 2 appearing on the PSN may not be that big of a deal, but it’s just cool that a major title, well at least to gamers who haven’t played it, will also be available to download.  After all, some gamers are lazy and may not be immediately tempted to walk to their local Best Buy or Gamestop to purchase the game, especially when it’s 20 degrees and possibl

2010 Spoiled in 200 words (or less)

There I sat, pondering my gaming experience of 2010. Did I want to follow suit and make a "best of" list? Did I want to just choose my favorite game and go off about how if you don't like it then I don't like you? All of a sudden, a green Grinch shaped light bulb flickered above my head. I decided to go the "screw you" route and spoil every single game that I thought were hits in 2010. If you haven’t played one or all of the hits of 2010 then I would look away (or keep reading).

Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC Trailer

Bioware sets loose the trailer for its newest downloadable content pack for Mass Effect 2 called "The Lair of the Shadow Broker". The DLC will be available next week on Sept 7 to download via the game's Cerberbus Network for 800 Microsoft Points or $10 on the Xbox 360 console and PC.

Triple DLC News For Mass Effect 2, Crackdown 2 and Left 4 Dead 2.

Crackdown 2's "Key to the City" DLC will give players access to god mode, infinite ammo mode, fly cam, freezing time of day ability, instant skills maximization, thruster ability for Agents who are maxed out to level 6 on all skill sets and new Vehicle Tag MP mode. This DLC will be free.

A separate second DLC pack will also be available at the same time that will cost 560 Microsoft Points.

It's official: Mass Effect 2 is headed to the PS3

This is one of those occasions where it’s nice that a rumor actually turned out to be true. I’m of course referring to the recent announcement made by EA & BioWare that Mass Effect 2 is indeed coming to the PlayStation 3.

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