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Marvelous AQL

Keiji Inafune Goes Old-School With J.J. Rockets

He may have gone off the rails a bit by being brutally honest, but Keiji Inafune is back on track when it comes to be a game developer. After leaving Capcom towards the end of 2010, Keiji went on to create Intercept and Comcept, two new companies whose focus is on both gaming and other forms of interactive entertainment.  After laying low for a while Keiji eventually unveiled the kids centric 3DS game King of Pirates and the ultra mature PS Vita action-RPG Soul Sacrifice.

The Adventure Continues: Half Minute Hero Bound For Steam/Playism

Gamers who enjoy playing addicting games that are stylish to boot should be pleased to hear that Half Minute Hero is making its long awaited debut on the PC.  After wowing gamers on the PSP and XBLA with its combination of quick adventure based RPG combat in which the clock was always ticking away, Half Minute Hero will finally be available to those who prefer the comfort a PC gives them.

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