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First Wave Of Lego Marvel Super Heroes Screens Finally Arrive

The world of Marvel is now going to become a little bit wacky and blocky thanks to Lego Marvel Super Heroes.  Now joining Lego Batman/the DC universe, Marvel fans will have the opportunity to play what will likely be the sole Marvel universe game to arrive on HD consoles considering that Disney Interactive has yet to get their house in order.

Marvel Heroes Unite In Lego Marvel Super Heroes

After being denied a game based upon The Avengers due to THQ’s poor business practices, we may finally have the long awaited Marvel action video game romp we’ve been yearning for.  Now we shouldn’t get too ahead of ourselves as we aren’t receiving a massive action game based directly on the Marvel cinematic universe via Activision or even Ubisoft. Instead, we're going to receive Lego Marvel Super Heroes thanks to WB Games and TT Games.

Debut Trailer For Marvel Heroes, The New Free-To-Play Marvel Game

A great many of us film/comic book geeks are still amped up after seeing The Avengers and in turn are desperately looking to fill our superhero fix in a video game.  Ubisoft may be providing us with a comic inspired game based on The Avengers later this year, but the Wii U and Kinect basis of the game has it standing as questionable as of now.

Kinect and Wii U Superhero Action Is Coming With The Avengers: Battle For Earth

Seeing as how the movie made a bazillion dollars in a mere week, Ubisoft and Marvel decided to let the cat out of the bag by announcing The Avengers: Battle For Earth.  Hinted at last weekend, Ubisoft is indeed making a game based on Earth’s mightiest heroes but there are a few surprises in store which could make the game either a mega hit or an unbearable disappointment in the eyes of gamers and comic book fans.

The Avengers May Receive A Video Game After All

By now most of you out there have already seen the amazing film that is The Avengers. I myself haven’t checked it out just yet, but from what I’ve heard the movie is pretty much a masterpiece not only when looked upon as a comic book movie but as a general action/Hollywood blockbuster flick.  

[Updated] Brink Developer Working On Major Franchise, Possibly A Marvel Video Game (The Avengers)

Developer Splash Damage is following up the less than critically acclaimed FPS Brink with a new project that could turn the company around.  Most of us know that while it held incredible potential Brink just was kind of meh at the end of the day.  Nice art design aside, the issues of Brink laid in how the game played which really was all over the place and despite not being an obvious CoD clone the game just wasn’t good enough to keep the interest of gamers.  But where Brink failed, perhaps Splash Damage can succeed with a possible game based on The Avengers.

Capcom Re-Opens The Marvel vs. Capcom 3 DLC Character Polls

This isn’t exactly hard hitting news in a way, but more of a PSA for the Marvel vs. Capcom fans out there.  Today may be the lucky day in which we can finally partake in some superhero fighting action, but some gamers are disappointed that certain characters, both on the Marvel and Capcom side, are missing in action.  The original MvC games had large rosters and so does MvC3, but there are quite a few notable omissions from the roster which has left some in the deadly combo that is a comic book + video game fan nerd rage.

Galactus Revealed as Marvel vs Capcom 3 Final Boss

If you’ve been following the site over the last week or so, you know Capcom has turned their information leak on Marvel vs Capcom 3 up to 11. We’ve gotten screenshots, character announcements, DLC news and videos up the wazoo. Today we got our “final” announcement in the form of the official announcement on MvC3’s final boss: Galactus.

Mike Haggar and Phoenix Announced for MvC [CES 2011]

While CES tends to focus a little more on the hardware spectrum than the software, Capcom was kind enough to post their latest round of character confirmations this morning. Joining the fray come February 15th will be Mike Haggar (of Final Fight fame) and Jean Grey’s alter-ego: Phoenix. Along with the affirmation that both characters will be playable in the finale release of the game, a plethora of new images and a couple of new game-play videos were provided (attached below).

A knight, a soldier, a master of magnetism and a giant head join the ranks of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 [Updated with Video]

Right this very minute the New York Comic-Con is going on and of course it’s an orgy of all things geek related.  Despite the name, comic books have actually taken a backseat the NYCC as it’s all about movies, TV shows and of course gaming.  More and more video game publishers are making stops at the NYCC, one of which is Capcom. As one may have surmised, Capcom is at the NYCC to showcase Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and in typical Capcom fashion the company has announced four new characters to the roster.

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