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Mario Tennis Open

Mario Tennis Open [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Mario Tennis Open is one of those things that might be a hard sell to your friends, but for those that give it the chance, it will utterly consume you. The game play is some simple and addictive that it’s easy to lose days completing the game’s tournaments and mini-game challenges under the guise of short form gaming that continually has you bargaining for ‘just one more round’.  

The Pros: 

+Simple, addictive gaming.

+The bright, colourful cast of Mario characters that we’ve all come to know and love.

+Plenty of options for modifying your character, unlockables to collect/buy and challenges to pit yourself against.

The Cons: 

-The traditional character-specific ‘super shots’ have been removed in favour of reaction-based skill-shots.

-3D really doesn’t add much, and its generally better kept to off (if you want to make a real go of things in the later levels). Rating : 


Mario Tennis Open Hands-on [GDC 2012]

Having spent time with Sega yesterday, it seemed fitting to drop-in on their 90s rivals Nintendo. The offerings on the showfloor of GDC were primarily (entirely) focused on a push for the software on the Nintendo 3DS including this month’s release of Kid Icarus, and the upcoming Mario Tennis sequel.

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