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Project Versus J/J-Stars Victory Debut Footage Released

Fans of anime and manga may be eagerly anticipating Project Versus J and now we have our first look at the project.  A bit scarce on game footage as it was only a mere commercial and not a full-blown media reveal,  things are shaping up to be good for the new cross-franchise brawler from Namco Bandai.

Project Versus J Screens Show Gameplay and Character Art

Those wanting more details on the anime/manga mash-up that is Project Versus J may have to wait a little longer for such thing, but Namco Bandai have shared the first in-game images from the potentially amazing game. 

Announced two weeks ago, Project Versus J has a premise that seems like it was dreamt of in a forum as it has various characters from notable Shonen Jump franchises beating the crap out of each other.  Basically, if you ever wanted to see Goku beat up a character from One Piece then your wish has been granted.

Now You Can Create Your Very Own Saiyan Warrior Thanks To Dragon Ball: Ultimate Tenkaichi

New episodes of Dragon Ball haven’t aired on TV in years and Dragon Ball: Evolution was a massive dud but for some reason we’re still receiving video games.  Coming to us next month will likely be the last Dragon Ball game so Dragon Ball: Ultimate Tenkaichi has its work cut out for itself among the legions of DB fans who want to see a worth wild video game actually be released for once.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 demo announced for the PSN

If you like ninjas, giant toads, over-drawn storylines and insane fighting scenes then prepare for the awesome that is Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.  While I’m a casual fan of the Naruto series I was really impressed with what I saw of Ninja Storm 2 as it’s a gorgeous 1:1 match of what is presented in the anime.  The game isn’t set to release for a few months but gamers will be able to get a taste of the game next week.

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