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Major Nelson

The Name Game

In the realm of video games (our realm) there are a lot of things with titles. There isn’t always a hidden message in the name, but sometimes there are great stories, an ode or even just a creation of identity. Set on a journey to explore these instances and bring them to light, I intended on creating a small portfolio of video game names and their possible hidden agendas. What grew from the idea was a full-blown exploration into the science and ideas behind anything with a name or title in this industry.

Xbox Live Labs Testing Offers Avatar Rewards and Achievements

Today Xbox Live spokesperson Major Nelson announced a new initiative being brought forward by Microsoft/Xbox designated: Xbox Live Labs. The program is, at its core, an app that you can download to your Xbox 360 to test several features of Xbox Live and your connection to it. Basically it’s a way for Microsoft to collect some more data about how their services are accessed, in order to plan for some future improvements (which we have no information about at this time).

Video Games' Best Kept Secret

With the Recent events at E3 and all of the juicy love that came with it, we we're given a first look (a day after the photos leaked) of the new Xbox 360 design. Now although this is not much of a shocker, because the PS3 did a re-design and they must follow suit, it was still an awesome reveal.


Split/Second demo available now on Xbox Live

So far everyone has been teased of the vehicular mayhem that can occur in Split/Second.  With a solid foundation, the hype for the game has been steadily rising with each new video and screen that’s been released.

Major Nelson's Xbox Profile Hacked

For those of you not aware Larry Hryb, a.k.a. Major Nelson, is the Director of Programing for Microsoft’s Xbox Live. With someone as high-profile as he, you can surely expect that someone out there will eventually try to mess with his stuff. That’s exactly what happened earlier, as his Xbox Live account (Major Nelson) was hacked.

Warning: NSFW language below

Take a guess as to when Crackdown 2 will be released (It's rather obvious)

In case your gaming budget wasn’t drained enough as it is two more high profile and highly anticipated games have been added to the ever growing early 2010 release window.

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