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SOCOM Developer Zipper Interactive Is Reportedly Being Laid To Rest i.e. They're Being Closed By Sony

I don’t quite know if we’re going to soon approach one of those weird periods in which companies are being slaughtered left and right similar to what happens in a horror movie, but word has surfaced that none other than Zipper Interactive is being shuttered. The company best known for the SOCOM franchise has been a key part of Sony’s development studios since the SOCOM series launched on the PS2 and that’s why Sony ultimately chose to acquire the company in 2006. But now it seems that Sony has opted to close Zipper and potentially end a few key PlayStation franchises in the process.

SOCOM Developer Zipper Interactive Has Some Staff Reductions

I don’t know if this news is something that should make us all worried, but developer Zipper Interactive has issued a series of layoffs in the wake of SOCOM 4’s release.  Aside from the Lead Designer leaving the studio last month, several other section Leads have left, specifically the Lead Programmer, the Audio Lead and the Graphics Lead. In addition to these departures, Zipper has reportedly laid off thirty-three employees.

PlayStation Network Store Updates: 8/31/10 [NA]

Playstation Network store updates for the week of 8/31/10:

QuarterSave: The Calm Before The Shepard EP22

Apologies for the show going up a little bit late this week, but it is up now! I appreciate all of you who waited patiently for our posting of this week’s episode. To those of you who were waiting impatiently: Here you go! Jeez! Nah, I’m only kidding, we love the fact that we’re developing a solid listener-ship, and excited to present this weeks episode.

Big Smile Reviews - Huge MAG 256 Players Event Coverage (Playstation Blog)

Before the Playstation Blog could even write about their own event, Diifii has brought us his coverage of the HUGE MAG256 gathering that took place in the UK.

There are 128 screens in the formation and the goal was the have people from UK and US playing with the live players with the full 256 players playing. That logo you see at the top is the formation of consoles setup for the event.

MAG Open Beta Starts Today!

So you wanted to get an early glimpse at Sony’s bold new suggestion for large scale online battles, but weren’t lucky enough to get into the Closed Beta for MAG? Well you along with anyone that just couldn’t get enough play time with their beta codes have the opportunity to jump in to the open beta starting today to get used to the epicness of the game before it launches at the end of the month. 

Worldwide open beta announced for MAG

If you weren’t able to get into the “closed” beta for MAG then you’re in luck as today Sony and Zipper Interactive have announced the game will be getting an open beta.  Set to launch on January 4 and conclude on Jan. 10 the beta will include the 64-player Sabotage mode along with the show stopping 256-player Domination mode.

Get some MAG goodness via 7-Eleven

In addition to the MAG pre-order bonuses at game retailers such as EB and Gamestop Sony is also teaming up with burgeoning video game retailer 7-Eleven to give gamers some additional MAG goodies.  If you haven't pre-ordered your copy of MAG yet and you have a 7-Eleven in your area then you can head over there and pre-order the game and in the process you'll get a MAG recruitment kit and poster.  The recruitment kit isn't anything too special such as a cool t-shirt or dog tags but instead gives some basic inf

Pre-order bonuses announced for MAG

If you were looking forward to Sony’s upcoming epic war game MAG then you may some motivation to pre-order the game now since Sony has announced several retail exclusive pre-order bonuses.

MAG is given a date for battle

A good majority of this year’s holiday releases have been bumped up to next year due to the intense competition that is present during the holiday season and to better allow new IP’s the chance to succeed.  One potential casualty we weren’t sure would be able to avoid a rescheduled release date was Zipper Interactive’s massive war game MAG. Today the PlayStation Blog has announced that MAG would indeed be missing its original target release of this holiday season but at least we won’t have to wait that long for some 256 player madness.

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