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An Era Is Over: LucasArts Is Officially Closed

Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm and the Star Wars empire has now claimed its second victim: that of LucasArts. After shuttering production on the popular Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon, Disney has announced that they will be closing as an internal development studio LucasArts effective immediately.

Star Wars 1313 Reportedly On Hold [Rumor]

Even though it’s one of the most recognizable and popular franchises in the world, Star Wars simply can’t catch a break when it comes to the world of video games.  After starting out strong in the mid 1990s, the Star Wars franchise has slowly declined in recent years through a derth of interesting releases. Now there's another disturbance in the Force which could result in yet another Star Wars being cancelled.

Angry Birds Star Wars Is Officially A Thing

Our worst fears have come true as Angry Birds Star Wars is an actual thing.  After being teased last Friday with a near horrifying image of an Angry Bird character dressed as a Jedi Knight, LucasArts and Rovio have announced their partnership which does indeed span video games, toys, and even Halloween costumes.

Angry Birds Is Teaming Up With Star Wars For A Mystery Project

The Star Wars franchise may officially be beyond the point of no return as far as its video game efforts are concerned.  We may all love a good space battle or a lightsaber fight, but the Star Wars franchise is now traveling into a level of product cross-over/pure cash grab moment that may be completely unjustified.

A Small Update On Star Wars: First Assault

LucasArts may not be providing gamers with a third installment in the Battlefront series any time soon, but the company could be providing a game with a little bit of multiplayer action.  

LucasArts Registers New Star Wars Title (No, It's Not Battlefront 3)

LucasArts may finally be ready to reveal some of the projects they’ve been developing over the last two years as an interesting trademark registration has surfaced.  The video game branch of the George Lucas empire already announced the continuously enigmatic Star Wars 1313 earlier this year, but now we may see an even more action oriented Star Wars game in a possible FPS title.

New Batch Of Star Wars 1313 Concept Art Show A "Gritty" Alien Setting

After putting us in a lull for the past three years LucasArts certainly got our hearts pumping with the reveal of Star Wars 1313. While it may have been yet another Star Wars based video game, it was nice to see LucasArts take a different direction with the franchise that thankfully wasn’t based around the Clone Wars or potentially leave the door open for more established lore to be bastardized through inept writing.

Clint Hocking Leaves LucasArts. Could Trouble Be Abound?

Hot on the heels of the surprise reveal of Star Wars 1313 earlier this month, LucasArts is seeing one of their key employees leaving the company which in turn could mean the worse for an unannounced project.  Former Ubisoft creative director Clint Hocking has announced that he is departing LucasArts.

Star Wars 1313 Is Officially Announced

Well it's not Battlefront 3, but LucasArts is hoping the criminal underworld will peak the interest of gamers and Star Wars fans alike.

Star Wars 1313 has now been officially announced heading into E3. The title will drop players into the role of a bounty hunter, who is set on taking down his targets and exposing a criminal conspiracy on Coruscant. The latter part of that sounds a little odd, as most Star Wars fans know, hunters are usually in it for the credits.

Star Wars Trademark Hints At A Possibly Badass Video Game

The way LucasArts has handled the Star Wars video games this generation may be as sad as seeing a hungry dog on the streets of Boston at night, but there hasn’t been much for fans to do.  The easiest way to show big publishers our displeasure with something is to not buy their products, but seeing as how core Star Wars games have been few and far between on the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii there really hasn’t been much to do aside from posting angry rants on forums.

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