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Republique Emerges From Its Chrysalis On PC and Mac

The tumultuous but successful Kickstarter for Republique back in 2012 was my first taste of crowd-funding. It was particularly thrilling because a number of the people involved including David Hayter and Jennifer Hale were here in Vancouver for an expo while the campaign was happening. It was also the first project that I decided to fund based on the director's clear philosophy.

Republique Enlists The Services Of Two Veteran Voice Actors


As if an already cool game could get even cooler, some key voice talent has been announced for the recently revealed stealth action game Republique.  Originally set to appear on the iOS but now destined for the PC and Mac as well, Republique is trying to tackle some rather mature and serious themes in its narrative and now it’ll have two veteran and fan favorite voice actors portraying central characters in its plot of oppressed people trying to overthrow a totalitarian government.

Republique Is Coming To The PC and Mac

When it was announced there was a lot of excitement and general interest in Republique but the one problem some folks had was its choice of platform.  Being announced solely for iOS platforms was both a good and bad thing for Republique as it promised iOS gamers with a highly original and non-casual centric experience but at the same time it was bad news for everyone who doesn’t own an iOS device.  

Republique Kickstarter Campaign Begins + Debut Trailer

Times are changing with each passing month and now we’re now at the point in which iOS games are reaching a level previously unseen. The argument can be made that iOS gaming has already caught up with consoles in the sense that games such as FIFA, Need for Speed, and Infinity Blade are available on mobile platforms and look stellar, but we haven’t yet received an iOS game that truly take things to a level we haven’t seen before to offer an experience built around storytelling rather than aimless touchscreen controls.

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