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Fable Legends Will Be Free to Play, Characters for Puchase

Last year's E3 seemed to be all about the multiplayer experience. While we haven't returned to full couch-coop era of gaming, we did get a bunch of announcements of games that were going to revolve around four player cooperative play. One of the most surprising of those announcements, in my point of view, with the introduction of a new Fable game, Fable Legends.

Perhaps even more surprising, then the original multiplayer-focus announcement of the game, is the news that comes today: Fable Legends will be a Free-to-Play title.

Fable Heroes [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Lionhead Studios put in a valiant effort towards breathing new life into their RPG series Fable. While its charm shines through in character design, it’s overshadowed by repetitive and simple minded gameplay.  This is defiantly made for the gaming impaired... namely kids. Hardcore Fable fans tread lightly.

The Pros: 

+Lionhead succefully crafted both charming characters and a vibrant world

The Cons: 

-Repetitive gameplay leaves this title dead in the water

-Difficulty progression is none existent 

-Player customization is long and exhausting

-Good and evil decision should have been left on the sidelines Rating : 


Fable Heroes is a step back from the RPG roots it’s garnered its fame from. Now a 4-player beat ‘em up, players cross the universe of Fable hacking and slashing through familiar enemies and new ones.  You take the role of a puppet hero from a library of 12 characters. As you finish each world, you’re able to customize your stats, and character appearance. 

TL;DR - Mar 7 - Molyneux, WoW, 4Chan

As Day ‘numero tres’ winds down to a close, I had a chance to peak through some of the top stories of the day that weren’t hit up (either due to the fact that we were busy running around the floor covering appointments at GDC, or because the stories weren’t ‘big’ enough to necessitate a full feature). The items that caught my eye today: Peter Molyneux has left Lionhead. Blizzard has upped the ante on the ‘resurrection scroll’ and 4Chan massively trolls gaming journalists.


TL;DR - Mar 5 - Fable Heroes, Forza Horizon, Halo 4

This week, as many of you are already aware, marks GDC 2012. Ian and I will be reporting from the show-floor all week long, and (hopefully) will be providing a bit of a video wrap up at the end of each day to talk about what we’ve seen. In the meantime, here’s a couple stories that broke today for your standard TL;DR goodness: The reveal of Fable Heroes, new media for Halo 4 and an announcement for the next title in the Forza series.

TL;DR - Feb 28 - SF Monopoly, White X360, Lionhead Teaser

Alright late-night Shogun fans! Time for another edition of TL;DR, recapping some of the days stories that either fell through the cracks, or were just too small to warrant their own individual pieces. Today I shine the spotlight on the new Xbox Special Edition announcement, Street Fighter getting its only Monopoly board game, and Lionhead’s teaser/countdown site which looks like it will end during GDC…


Microsoft E3 2011 Conference Wrap-Up

Microsoft was the first to step on the stage for E3 today and as expected the Microsoft Kinect played an important role in their conference.  After being on display for the first time last year, Microsoft really didn’t set the world on fire with their projects and once the Kinect launch rolled around things weren’t too exciting either outside of Kinect Sports and Dance Central.  With Microsoft leveraging so much on the Kinect, it’s somewhat odd that once again the company really didn’t deliver this year on their promise to give core gamers compelling software.

Fable: The Journey Will Put Magic in the Hands of Gamers

Fable:  The Journey is on a pilgrimage to your Xbox in an attempt to feed the hardcore gaming audience with Kinect ready games.

For gamers who purchased a Kinect in hope of eventual release of blockbuster titles, this E3 has been a breath of fresh air with the announcement of many Kinect games for core audiences. One such title, Fable: The Journey, was announced today from LionHead Studios. However, will The Journey stay true to the Fable series, or will it be a disappointment to the franchise’s fans?

Fist-Bump or Bitch-Slap: Microsoft and Alienware

This is the love/hate relationship between the video game industry and myself. Every week I will pick someone who gets my Fist-bump for doing a good deed, someone who gets my undesirable Bitch-Slap for doing something wrong (or just something that pisses me off), and I'll share my experience/opinion along the way. 

Fable III - PC [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

The game that is said to be Peter Molyneux's crowning jewel was originally released last fall on consoles. The third and rumoured final game of the Fable franchise sets itself up for greatness. The PC version takes full advantage of all of the things that makes Fable III a complete game. For all of you Fable fans out there, the PC version is the way to go. The console version wasn't shy when it came to bugs and fell flat on numerous graphical aspects. The time it took to release the PC version was well worth the wait, this is the game Fable III was supposed to be.


The Pros: 

+ The sharpest looking Lionhead game EVER!
+ Smooth game play
+ Fast and easy item downloads
+ Xbox controller capable

The Cons: 

- Occasional (but few) animation failures
- Loading times could improve Rating : 


New Traitor's Keep DLC for Fable III Arriving on March 1

Time to dust off that copy of Fable III as Lionhead Studios announces that the newest DLC called Traitor's Keep will become available next week to download via the Xbox Live Marketplace on March 1.

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