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Limited Edition

UK Gamers Receiving Metal Gear Rising Limited Edition

There is hope for Metal Gear fans after all as Konami has just revealed the European Limited Edition SKUs for Metal Gear Rising.  If you recall, last week Konami unveiled not just one but two exquisite CE’s for Rising which traded in tacky accessories for stylish things such as nice packaging and a rather kick-ass Raiden figure.  Thought had it that Konami wouldn’t bring either of those packages to Western markets, but today we stand corrected.

Darksiders II Limited & Collector’s Editions Announced.

THQ revealed today that there will be not one but two special editions of their upcoming action adventure sequel starring Death of the Four Horsemen, Darksiders II. There will be a Limited Edition that will available at no additional cost to all who pre-order the game whereas the Collector's Edition will require some extra cash in order to obtain it.  

Konami Caters To MGS Fans, Announces Limited Edition Version Of MGS HD Collection

Knowing the dedication of their fanbase, Konami has announced that they will be releasing a Limited Edition version of the forthcoming Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.  The Limited Edition version of MGS’s HD makeover won’t include any additional games beyond those included on the disc (MGS2, MGS3, MGS: Peace Walker) but it will include two things gamers find hard to pass up: exclusive box art and a special art book.

Crysis 2: Nano Edition revealed (it's a pricey limited edition)

We all know that Crysis 2 just wouldn’t be the same let alone have the same impact if it didn’t have a limited/special/collector’s/we want your money edition.  I’m of course kidding as Crysis 2 can stand on its own weight without the aid of a limited edition. But of course since it’s a high profile release, Crysis 2 is indeed getting a Limited Edition which is of the “it’s cool but kind of goofy” variety.

Dead Rising 2 box art and Limited Edition revealed

Earlier this week Capcom Europe teased that a big announcement would be made on this Thursday.  With Capcom being relatively low key at E3, some had assumed we would be graced with an announcement of a new game or perhaps a cool new addition to the PSN or XBLA. Well today is Thursday, at least in most parts of the world, and that means it’s time for the reveal. Unsurprisingly the announcement doesn’t involve a new IP or game as it’s all about the zombie killing action of Dead Rising 2.

Fable III Limited and PC Editions Detailed

Earlier in the week there was a lot of speculation about Fable III moving to PC as well as 360 for its release. As someone that doesn’t deal too much with rumors and speculation though, I decided to wait for the official word. That has come today in the form of a press release which announced both the Limited Edition version of the Xbox 360 title and PC version, which is to be released day-and-date with the console version. 

The cult anime shmup Deathsmiles gets a Limited Edition for its NA release

I guess I need to expand my gaming knowledge a bit since I wasn’t aware of Deathsmiles. Released in Japan three years ago, Deathsmiles is finally making its way stateside this June.  The game which is for the Xbox 360, is being dubbed a “Gothic-lolita shmup.” Now to the average gamer that probably sounds like a whole lot of gibberish. But it basically means it’s a side-scrolling shooting game with innocent looking anime chicks.

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