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QuarterSave: The Wine-O Edition EP45

Slipping late under the “better late than never” guise, QuarterSave episode number 45 has arrived! This week’s show is a special one as we switch from our regularly scheduled beer to some Japanese plum wine brought forth from the bowels of Tokyo by our good friend Michael-Sean! Thanks Michael!

Along with our obvious alcoholism, this week we explore some of the new and upcoming titles that have released (or will be released) including: Medal of Honor’s newly launched Xbox Beta, Limbo (XBLA), and today’s release of Hydro Thunder Hurricane!

Limbo XBLA [Summer of Arcade]

Overall Feeling: 

Dark, creepy, atmospheric puzzle/platformer that hits all the right notes and creates a truly unique experience, but the price may be a little too much for what's provided.

The Pros: 

Dark, simple, attractive art-style. Creative puzzles that will give you a head-scratch. Fun, simplistic gaming and controls.

The Cons: 

Very short. No additional play modes. $15 price tag, with little to no replay value. Rating : 

Finally summer has arrived; beaches, warm weather, sun, and blockbuster films… But for a gamer there’s really one event that trumps them all: Xbox Live’s Summer of Arcade. Each year we receive a collection of new arcade titles featured on the Xbox Live Marketplace that offer a variety of gaming experiences; a sort of video-game-buffet for those of us who are easily offended by the sun. This year’s first entry into the Summer-time fun is Limbo.

Microsoft's 3rd Annual Xbox Live Summer of Arcade Line Up Dated

Summer is upon us and that means it is time for Microsoft to roll out their Xbox Live Summer of Arcade extravaganza for the third consecutive year.

This year's selections represents a delightful mix of Xbox Live Arcade games to waste your Summer hours away that features everything from high speed nautical racing to the latest adventure from a famous gaming buxom heroine. 

This year's release schedule is as follows:

Limbo and ilomilo, Two New Games Heading To Xbox Live Arcade.

Playdead's Limbo and Southland Interactive's ilomilo are two new puzzle-platformer games that will be calling Xbox Live Arcade their new home in the future.

Limbo is a haunting monochromatic platformer that will feature many physic-based environmental puzzles. The control scheme will be simple with player mainly relying on the "X' button to grab and the "A" button to jump.

Timing and precision will be vital in avoiding the many gruesome deaths scenes that will be depicted to players on-screen if they fail to navigate the many hazardous enemies and traps.

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