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LightBox Interactive

The Studio Conundrum Of Sony

Seeing things evolve and change over time is expected since it’s part of our culture.  Such evolutionary changes are of course present in the world of business since consumer tastes or hot trends will often dictate how things are both created and presented to the masses, sometimes resulting in the next big thing surfacing or an embarrassing flop being thrown our way which won’t be forgotten any time soon.  Companies doing the things they do may forever remain mysterious and perhaps unpredictable to us, but in the case of Sony the company is almost making a notorious name for thems

Starhawk Developer Lightbox Interactive To Issue Layoffs, Potential Studio Closure Inbound [Update 2]

Some rather sad news has surfaced today which may sting hard amongst those in the PlayStation 3 camp.  Official news hasn’t come in through the expected sources, but word has it that Starhawk developer LightBox Interactive will be issuing major layoffs and could be on the cusp of closing entirely in the next few days.

Starhawk Co-Op Mode Hands-On [GDC 2012]

Sometimes I may lament about how modern multiplayer gaming is sometimes going in circles with games that are focused too much on the wrong elements, but I would be a hypocrite to say that I don’t enjoy playing multiplayer games here and there. While I’ll admit that I’m a bit picky about what I play, I really can’t help but feel satisfied upon being a would be Tier 1 soldier or playing general to my fellow teammates as I lead them on a quest to glory.

Starhawk Gets A Release Date + More Beta Details

Today is a good day for Starhawk fans since Sony has finally revealed when gamers can take to the skies of alien planets and blast each other in intense quasi RTS action.  As expected, Starhawk will come out this Spring exclusively for the PlayStation 3 and gamers will be able to pick the game up on May 8th, just in time for the start of the mid-year release dry spell that usually exists in the gaming biz.

Uncharted 3 Is Going To Have A Nice Bonus For Starhawk Fans

I normally don’t make a big deal out of when a game goes gold (final retail prints are being made), but I will make an exception for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.  Not only are we getting ever so closer to the November 1 release of Uncharted 3, but today Sony has announced that copies of the game will come with an added bonus: a voucher for the Starhawk multiplayer beta.

Like Jetpacks? Well If You Do Then Maybe You Should Watch This New Starhawk Vid

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was roaming the confines of space waging war on the Rifters to win a CTF match. I’m of course referring to Starhawk and the time I spent with the game at PAX Prime 2011. To say that I’m excited for Starhawk is a bit of an understatement considering my fandom of Warhawk and how damn polished Starhawk has been the two times I’ve played it so far.  I may need to wait until mid next year to experience Starhawk in the comfort of my home, but at least I have this new gameplay trailer to tide me over.

Starhawk Hands-On [PAX Prime 2011]

It’s been hyped up for the last two weeks but this past weekend I finally had the honor of playing the latest addition to Starhawk: the first level set in space.  Gamers obviously expect some space goodness to be present in Starhawk given its sci-fi setting which includes fast transforming flying vehicles of death and it’s called Starhawk.  Sony and LightBox Interactive have been nice enough to show us what to expect from the space level featured in Starhawk but actually experiencing something firsthand is entirely different than seeing a mere video.

Check Out The First Footage Of The Space Stage In Starhawk

At long last we finally have some footage of Starhawk’s space bound action and as expected it’s about as cool as it can be.  Earlier this week we saw some screens depicting the space stage debuting at Gamescom this week and PAX Prime next week.  But now we a nice four minute clip showing the anticipated stage in action complete with aerial battles, guys zipping around in hoverpacks and dudes going nuts behind the wheel of a 4x4.

The Space Action Of Starhawk Is Finally Revealed

We were promised the reveal of Starhawk’s space based gameplay at Gamescom and now we have such a thing in the form of screenshots.  I think I can speak for everyone in saying that it would’ve been nice to see some new Starhawk gameplay in a brand spanking new trailer, but we’ll just have to make do for now and honestly, I’m still happy with what these screenshots show.

First Look At Starhawk's Space Combat Will Be Coming Soon

Starhawk may sadly not be one of the many games Sony is releasing this Holiday season, but the game already has a loyal following due to its pedigree (it’s from the team that gave us Warhawk) and it’s a freaking action game set in space with intense ground and aerial battles. As a veteran Warhawk player I was blown away by what developer Lightbox Interactive had devised with Starhawk and I was completely floored when I had the chance to play the game at E3 earlier this year.

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