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Fantasy Life [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Level-5 has built a fairly typical cutesy RPG with a fun new twist - find your calling and take up a job, buy and decorate (and redecorate) your house and create your own goods-based trading system with your friends as you progress through an unfortunately non-interactive story with a talking butterfly by your side. The very same-y feeling of the more standard inclusions in this game are contrasted against what happens to be an excellent gameplay system where you can, if you so choose, beat the bad guy and save the world as a powerful Paladin or a humble Cook.  These aspects create a surprisingly addictive yet easy to put down portable RPG.

The Pros: 

+Surprisingly fun and addictive blue-collar job system
+No job limitations - pick up as many as you want
+Classically adorable Level 5 design
+Online multiplayer encourages turning your craft into an entrepreneurship
+Very detailed character customization when making your avatar

The Cons: 

-Story is very typical dialogue is fluffy
-Combat classes pointless at start of game
-Story missions almost non-interactive Rating : 

Over the years, Level-5 has sat on the throne for a very niche concept - build an otherwise typical game and throw in just the right gimmick or twist to make you never want to put your controller down. From Dark Cloud 2's crafting system to Professor Layton's ...Layton-ness, to building a neat RPG concept and then having Studio-freaking-Ghibli animate your cutscenes, this studio has been aces at developing fun and unique games for all audiences.  Once in a while, a portion of the game has to suffer for innovation.

Liberation Maiden and Two Other Guild 01 Games Are Coming To NA/EU

A rare occurrence has happened in the video game industry as gamers in North America and Europe are set to receive a Japanese games, or games in this case, that they’ve desired.  As several trademark registrations already hinted at, Level-5 will be bringing three games from the Guild 01 collection to North America and Europe.

Two Games From Guild 01 May Be Bound For A Western Release

Even though the video game industry is now both centered and dominated by the Western market it’s still normal for one or two Japanese exclusives to pop up here and there. Compared to the heyday of the Sega consoles, PS1, or even the PS2 we may not see a plethora of cool Japan only games these days but such a thing does occasionally happen. One game that caught the attention of Western gamers and in turn had them hoping for an international release was Guild 01.  

New Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Videos Showcase The Gameplay and Cutscenes

When it comes to pure Japanese RPG games that are worth playing this generation the offerings are somewhat slim compared to the heyday of the PS1 & PS2 generation. That’s not to say there aren’t good RPGs out there, but developers like Square Enix haven’t exactly been on mark as much as they could’ve and to an extent have stumbled in giving their fans what they desire.  However, there is something on the horizon which could give the RPG genre a much needed boost in the form of Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.

Debut Footage Of Guild 01 Looks Very Promising

It may have come out of the blue, but the developer compilation title that is Guild 01 is shaping up to be one of the big premier, or at least gamer centric, titles for the Nintendo 3DS.  Coming to us from Level-5, Guild 01 is almost like a video game matinee of awesome – none of the games have anything to do with one another but the amount of talent all but assures that we’re going to receive something special.  

Japanese Dream Team Assembles For New Level-5 3DS Title

The popular thing to do these days amongst Japanese developers is to collaborate with one another no matter what mothership their studio may be associated with.  Hideo Kojima may be tied to Konami and Kojima Productions but that isn’t stopping him from going out and doing small side projects like graphic novel adventure games that will never see release outside of Japan.  Our latest Avengers type partnership of Japanese game developers is coming to us via Level-5 and it’s shaping up to be something we should keep our eyes on.

A New Gundam Game Is Coming Out That May Actually Be Good

With the impact of E3 2011 slowly beginning to fade, we now have our first major post-E3 reveal at the hands of Level-5 and Namco Bandai.  A good majority of Japanese publishers may have been totally missing in action at E3 as far as their spirit was concerned, but developers such as Namco Bandai haven’t completely given up due to the ever growing might of the West.  Announced today is the one-two combo of not only a new RPG from acclaimed developer Level-5 (Professor Layton, Dark Cloud) but a new Gundam property.

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