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Lego Dimensions [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Who doesn't love Lego? The newest entry into the series is quite a drastic shift from previous games, as Lego is now entering the world of toys-to-life genre where you not only purchase the game, but get a portal to place characters and vehicles on to transport them into the game world. Dimensions takes things a step further and actually uses the portal as a puzzle mechanic and will actually have you building and rebuilding with the included Lego pieces as well. Multiple brands will intersect with one another for a hilarious and unique Lego experience that is fun for all ages provided you can afford it.

The Pros: 

+Fantastic fan service and crossing different IP universes
+Physically have to build with LEGO as a game mechanic
+The game's portal is innovative and more than a simple base

The Cons: 

-It will cost hundreds of dollars to unlock everything
-Vehicle driving
-High cost of entry and you'll certainly want to buy more add-on packs Rating : 

First there was Skylanders, then Disney Infinity, and finally Amiibos. Now LEGO has joined the foray into collectible and adorable physical toys-to-life games / DLC to get you hooked and open up your wallet. And trust me, you're going to feel not only tempted to purchase more add-on packs, but somewhat obligated, especially if you want to see everything LEGO Dimensions has to offer.

First Wave Of Lego Marvel Super Heroes Screens Finally Arrive

The world of Marvel is now going to become a little bit wacky and blocky thanks to Lego Marvel Super Heroes.  Now joining Lego Batman/the DC universe, Marvel fans will have the opportunity to play what will likely be the sole Marvel universe game to arrive on HD consoles considering that Disney Interactive has yet to get their house in order.

Marvel Heroes Unite In Lego Marvel Super Heroes

After being denied a game based upon The Avengers due to THQ’s poor business practices, we may finally have the long awaited Marvel action video game romp we’ve been yearning for.  Now we shouldn’t get too ahead of ourselves as we aren’t receiving a massive action game based directly on the Marvel cinematic universe via Activision or even Ubisoft. Instead, we're going to receive Lego Marvel Super Heroes thanks to WB Games and TT Games.

First Minecraft Lego Set Is Revealed And It's Simply Ok

This has to be one of the quickest turnarounds I’ve seen for a major piece of video game merchandise as today Lego has unveiled the first set based on the ever popular Minecraft series.  Late last year Mojang revealed they were in talks with Lego about possibly producing a Minecraft line of products and subsequently such a thing was confirmed.

Minecraft Lego Series In The Works

The Minecraft phenomenon has completely blown up now and unlike other games or fads it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. Thanks to the freedom Minecraft allows, which results in people creating versions of the weeping angels from Doctor Who, gamers are completely infatuated with everything Minecraft.  We’ve already seen some Minecraft products hit the market like foam axes, but now something truly cool and somewhat fitting could happen: a series of Lego toys based on Minecraft.

Bioshock Is Reimagined In Lego Form

Long before I “grew” up and became an adult I played with Legos a lot as a kid.  I may still maintain some of my childlike tendencies but they’ve mostly been modified in a way since I now buy highly expensive replicas/statues of comic book, cartoon, or video game characters instead of buying the complete line of X-Men action figures to hang in my room.  I don’t know why Lego’s lost their immediate appeal to me, but I think it may be because they’re a tad expensive (the Lego Death Star is $300) and I simply have no space for such delicate structures.

More wizardry goodness from Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 [Video]

The team at Traveller's Tale Games are clearly the people to go to when it comes to Lego games. At this point TT Games are Lego veterans. They have produced a plethora of Lego games for franchises such as: Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Batman.  Some folks, such as myself, may think that the Lego franchise has run its course but looking at Lego Harry Potter I may have to change my stance.

S#!T You Want - Fan Art and Customs Builds

Welcome to the 4th Week of Cool S#!T You Want. This week we take a look at the fans that make the rest of us look like chumps. The people who create unique art, customs, and all else that fills fan forums. We picked out some of our favored custom builds. Think we missed an artist? Let us know in the comments below. If you have something you would like us to review or post, tell us through our contact page.

The world of Harry Potter gets transformed in Lego Harry Potter

When you combine the popular Harry Potter series, which is still going strong despite being somewhat over, and the Lego video game franchise you get Lego Harry Potter.  Yup, after tackling Star Wars and Indiana Jones we’re now going to see the world of wizardry come to life in hilarious Lego form.

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