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Pacific Rim To Receive Video Game Treatment

Deep inside us I think we all desire to see a good game based upon a film like Man of Steel or Iron Man 3, and thankfully one upcoming film which has the geek world buzzing is actually receiving the video game treatment.

If you saw the Pacific Rim trailer and thought “wow, that would be a kick-ass video game” then your wish has been granted as such a thing is in the works.  Announced today by Legendary Pictures, Pacific Rim will be adapted into a series of video games for both the consoles and PC. 

Mass Effect Movie Gets New Writer, Still Not Close To Entering Production

In a sign that the project is somewhat moving along instead of being forever trapped within the nothingness that is a black hole, the Mass Effect movie now has a new screenwriter attached.  Announced several years ago with production company Legendary Films (Batman Begins, Man of Steel) handling the core duties, the Mass Effect movie could’ve provided us with some amazing sci-fi in the movie arena, but as always development woes were abound.

Legendary Pictures To Bring Mass Effect Movie To The Big Screen

Electronic Arts and Bioware's sci-fi action role playing video game series Mass Effect is coming to the big screen as just announced by Legendary Pictures.

Legendary Pictures will co-produced and co-financed the movie with Warner Brothers Studios also Warner Brothers will assume the task of distributing the film worldwide.

Will Godzilla get a Legendary facelift?

After a terrible American re-invention in 1998 that nearly ruined the franchise Godzilla is ready to visit Hollywood once again and hopefully the results will be a bit better.  Horror movie website is reporting that Legendary Pictures is interested in picking up the rights to make a new Godzilla movie.

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