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Will LittleBigPlanet Go The MMO Route? [Rumor]

Media Molecule may be taking a break from releasing games for a while as the studio is currently hard at work on something – the likes of which the general public knows absolutely nothing about.  Instead of cranking out annual LittleBigPlanet games Media Molecule and company owner Sony have decided to take a breather from the franchise on the PS3 while spin-offs (LBP Karting) and ports (LBP Vita) take center stage.

LittleBigPlanet Karting Is Finally Revealed And It Looks Like Fun

Revealed last month in a quasi-official capacity, the revelation that LittleBigPlanet would receive a spin-off game in the form of LittleBigPlanet Karting was something that people didn’t know what to make of.  Would LBP Karting be a fun game or was this Sony’s first step in milking the LBP franchise now that Media Molecule seems to be moving on from the series to produce a next-gen PlayStation IP?  It was of course hard to imagine what LBP Karting would look like but we now have evidence which points to the game being simple LBP style fun.

Find Out Who Is Developing LittleBigPlanet For The PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita has wowed a lot of people so far but some of them have been a bit apprehensive about how the touch interface controls will be in major core centric games such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss. While tapping on the PS Vita’s beautiful OLED screen to create a path for Nathan to climb in Uncharted was a bit odd, it wasn’t too gimmicky in the Golden Abyss demo I played earlier this month. But one game that has near perfect implementation of the PS Vita’s front and rear touch interfaces is none other than LittleBigPlanet.

NGP (PSP2) News Round-Up: Pricing, Battery Life and Videos Galore

It’s been a few hours but the video game industry and gamers alike are still buzzing over Sony’s reveal of the NGP i.e. the PSP2.  Everyone knew that Sony would show their PSP successor at some point, but I think we’re all still shocked because for once the pre-reveal hype and initial hardware rumors didn’t fall apart when the actual news came in. If anything, the NGP somewhat surpassed the initial expectations gamers had for Sony’s latest handheld unit.

PlayStation Home gets LittleBigPlanet content

This is definitely the week of LittleBigPlanet with the announcement of LBP2 and now a PlayStation Home update for the franchise.  PlayStation Home has gradually been making baby steps to becoming a service relevant to most gamers and the LBP addition is definitely a nice one.

LBP2 may or may not be in works based on comments from a Sony exec

With a massive organization like Sony Computer Entertainment there’s bound to be some leaks at the behest of communication not being channeled properly.  Today’s news concerning LittleBigPlanet could be an example of that or maybe it’s another case of everyone jumping aboard the bandwagon too soon.

UPDATE: More footage from the LBP water beta

Last month it was announced that LittleBigPlanet would be getting the much wanted addition of water.  Before users had to simulate water by having players use jetpacks in areas that were given a blue hue or blue covered glass to simulate the depths of the sea but now we’ll actually be able to mess around in physics based water.  Invites for the water beta have gone out and one user was nice enough to record some footage for the world to see.

It's time for a ModNation Racers Beta

I guess the past PlayStation 3 Betas were successful both in terms of improving the product and serving as a marketing tool as yet another Beta was announced today, this time for ModNation Racers.  If you’re not familiar with MNR the game is the latest in the “Play, Create, Share” genre and it allows users to fully customize their driver and vehicle along with fully creating the race course and surrounding landscape.

LBP Shadow of the Colossus costumes revealed

Last week we got official confirmation that the world of Team Ico would be invading LittleBigPlanet with a release of a content pack featuring costumes and other items inspired by Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. It was unknown if we would all be in for a treat and receive an amazing map pack to go with these items but sadly it was announced over the weekend that the pack would only include costumes, stickers and sound effects.

LittleBigPlanet gets a Monster pack

So far LittleBigPlanet has done a good job of providing DLC to users but most of it has simply been new costume packs. Sure those are nice and all and we have been thrown a bone every now and then with packs that feature a few new materials but it hasn’t really been anything substantial. Thankfully that seems like it’s about to change with the release of the Monster Kit and accompanying Monster Costume Pack.

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