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Sony Sued The Actor Behind Kevin Butler (Yes, This Really Happened)

Sony has done something that seems so unjustified in a way that even I, Mr. PlayStation fanboy extraordinaire, can’t defend it or spin it in a positive light.  A lot of dumb things have come out of Sony such as the infamous E3 2006 debacle and more constant things such as unloading a bevy of PSN games in the same week, but Sony went ahead and did something that seems entirely frivolous - they sued actor Jerry Lambert, the man members of the PlayStation nation know better as Kevin Butler.

The Woes Of THQ Continue With A Major Lawsuit

The punches keep on hitting THQ no matter what minimal strides the company makes as a lawsuit has been filed against the company.  Lawsuits against video game companies are typically common and are usually over petty things (at least when Activision opts to sue people) but this time THQ could be in deep trouble as none other than shoe/clothing company Adidas is suing the company.

Canadian ISP Rogers Accused of Throttling Video Game Connections.

NOTE: This story has been updated. Please see the bottom of the story for additional developments.

We've all experienced periods of unexpected lag while playing online games. Often times we blame our hardware, or a congested server. But a recent complaint in Ontario against the Canadian Internet Service Provider (ISP) Rogers Communications suggests otherwise.

Activision goes at it again: sues EA and former Infinity Ward heads

The former shareholders of Harmonix aren’t the only people getting into the epic lawsuit game this Holiday season as Activision has just filed a lawsuit against EA. Yup, the mudslinging between the two companies will no doubt intensify thanks to Activisions lawsuit which of course concerns Jason West and Vince Zampella.  West and Zampella are of course the two former founders of Infinity Ward who were shown the door rather abruptly earlier this year.

Harmonix founders sue Viacom for what could be a boatload of cash

There’s no better time to issue a lawsuit than before the Holidays and that’s exactly what the founders of developer Harmonix have decide to do.  The company most known for creating the Rock Band series is suing its former owner Viacom over not being properly awarded the mass sums of cash that they should’ve received.

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