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Last Ranker

Capcom's RPG Last Ranker gets a new trailer


Maybe it’s kind of pointless of me to post this but another video has been released for Capcom’s RPG Last Ranker.  The only reason I say it’s pointless to post is because Capcom still hasn’t announced a North American or European release.  So far all we know the game could end up being a Japanese exclusive, something that would be a damn shame since it looks so promising.

Capcom releases a new trailer for the PSP game Last Ranker

We’ve seen footage of Capcom’s PSP bound RPG game Last Ranker but I think this latest trailer is probably the best.  Covering all the bases the trailer has the typical RPG melodrama, dudes with big swords, and J-Pop which almost borders on some form of hip-hop.

More dramatic acting and battles in this new Last Ranker trailer

For some reason I’m not much of an RPG player. I can of course appreciate games like Final Fantasy and Mass Effect but I never really find them to be my cup of tea.  But one upcoming RPG I do have my eye on is Capcom’s Last Ranker.  Set for release on the PSP, the game features your somewhat typical RPG traits such as outlandish and colorful costumes.  But aside from that lays a compelling battle mode and a dev team consisting of heavy hitters from Square Enix.

New images from Capcom's Last Ranker

TGS 09 was a bit lackluster but one good thing to come out of it was Capcom’s announcement of a new RPG for the PSP called Last Ranker. The game may follow a few of the usual traits of a RPG game but it has an amazing roster of talent with team members who worked on games like Devil May Cry and Kingdom Hearts.

New trailer for Capcom's Last Ranker

Earlier this year at TGS Capcom revealed Last Ranker, a new RPG for the PSP. While there's never a short supply of RPGs, at least on the handhelds and in Asia, there was a nice amount of interest for Last Ranker as it had a talented staff of developers who previously worked on games such as Devil May Cry and Kingdom Hearts.

Premier trailer for Last Ranker

Last week Capcom announced their new RPG game Last Ranker which is backed up by some heavyweight talent.  Besides having a dev team that has worked on games like Kingdom Hearts and Devil May Cry the game seems like it could be pretty solid based on the combat system that combines turn based actions with player controlled combat moves.

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