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L.A. Noire

Team Bondi "Returns", First Look At Whore of the Orient

Looked upon as one of the great blunders/surprises of 2011, the closure of Team Bondi was something no one could really foresee. A success at retail, L.A. Noire may have taken an ungodly long amount of time to complete but it seemed like all the time and bundles of cash sunk into it was worth it. Well as we know the video game industry can be a strange beast as Team Bondi was shuttered and subsequently sold mere months after L.A. Noire reached retail.

Brendan McNamara's New Project Is Sort of Revealed

A few weeks ago L.A. Noire creator Brendan McNamara revealed that despite the closure of his studio Team Bondi and his somewhat sullied reputation that he was hard at work on a new project. Exactly what that project would be wasn’t revealed but McNamara went on to tease it in a somewhat hyperbolic way as he’s known to do.  As expected, McNamara’s new project is being funded and developed by the Australia based KMM Interactive.

L.A. Noire Creator Has A New Project In The Works

Not even months after Team Bondi has officially been shuttered after the surprise success of L.A. Noire  has the founder and former head of the studio announced that he has a new project in the works.  Team Bondi founder/head Brendan McNamara has revealed to NowGamer that he has a new project in the works, albeit obviously not with his now defunct studio.

Another Update On The Fate Of Team Bondi

Certain industry pundits and even game developers are patting themselves on the back today as further details have arisen which point to Team Bondi being kaput. I don’t think anyone out there clearly wanted Team Bondi to crash and burn, it was hard not to hope the studio would get a comeuppance of sorts after the troubled development of L.A. Noire and the general ego of studio head/founder Brendan McNamara.

Team Bondi (L.A. Noire dev) May Be Bought By A Fellow Aussie Game Studio

Normally when a video game is released and it ends up being a hit both commercially and critically it’s good times all around for everyone involved.  After spending two or three years working on a video game it’s always nice for a studio to see people enjoy their work and subsequently take a much deserved break before moving on to the next project at hand. But things are far from being rosy for L.A. Noire developer Team Bondi. Instead of reaping the rewards L.A. Noire has had the studio now finds itself in a position where it may be absorbed by a much larger Aussie based studio.

The Relationship Between Rockstar Games And Team Bondi May Be One And Done

Leading up to its eventual release we had heard a lot of stories involving the development of L.A. Noire. A lot of these stories consisted of tales over how developer Team Bondi shifted development multiple times while the project was still at Sony and subsequently how things were still all over the place once Rockstar Games picked the project up.  When Rockstar Games acquired L.A.

First Wave Of L.A. Noire DLC Is Detailed, Includes New Cases & Suits

L.A. Noire is a game that already in a short amount of time has a lot of people talking about it. Some people love the noir vibe and direct gameplay of L.A. Noire while others hate the lack of true sandbox elements of the limited replay factor it provides. I’ll be going into detail into the finer points of L.A. Noire’s accomplishments and failures, but today Rockstar Games and Team Bondi have announced something that should please those who enjoyed the adventure based action of the game: new DLC.

L.A. Noire Set To Be Expanded With New Story Anthology

Rockstar Games have never really ventured into the realm of multi-media to promote their products (comic books, short films, etc.) but they’re testing the waters with the release of L.A. Noire.  With the 1940s based action of L.A. Noire set to drop in a few weeks (I’m in complete Jesus Raptor mode about that), Rockstar Games will be expanding upon the core experience with the release of L.A. Noire: The Collected Stories.

Get A Glimpse At The Career Of A Cop In L.A. Noire [Video]

I know I said I was going to attempt to go on a media blackout for L.A. Noire, but as is the case in life it’s tough to go cold turkey.  It won’t be long before I finally get my hands on L.A. Noire, but leading up to the release of the game I still find myself compelled to see as much footage as I can, not only to see actual gameplay but to see more footage of the impressive facial animation tech and spot a few familiar faces from the world of TV shows.

Remedy Is Touting It's New Facial Animation Tech As The Soon To Be Champ

This generation has been an extremely interesting one when it comes to developers improving the graphics and overall visual fidelity of their games.  Besides pushing out more polygons for character models, developers have been improving the core tech of what helps create the games like creating new motion capture  and animation techniques.  Back in the day motion capture was a fairly basic process that involved placing a few motion trackers on a performer and then using that movement to drive the game character.  But these days we have motion capture that records the mov

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