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Kontrol Freek

Kontrol Freek's Speed Freek and FPS Freek [Product Review]

Overall Feeling: 

The FPS Freek can help you improve your accuracy, but will throw off your timing for fast-paced combat. The Speed Freek doesn't seem to offer any improvement what-so-ever.

The Pros: 

The FPS Freek will definitely help you with tweaking your accuracy, and on the PS3 it improves the feel of the rather small controller.

The Cons: 

On the Xbox the FPS Freek pushes just beyond the comfort zone, and provides a reduced reaction time. The Speed Freek feels awkward, and doesn't seem to offer any benefits to game-play what-so-ever. Rating : 

Over the last few weeks I’ve been feeding my need for action with a heavy portion of FPS and Driving games. During that period I opted to try out a couple interesting little products from the fine people over at Kontrol Freek. Those two being: the stick-extending FPS Freek, and the half-pipe-inspired Speed Freek. Each accessory is dedicated to specific needs for specific game types, but does adding $14.99 worth of plastic to your Xbox/PS3 controller make a world of difference?

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